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    Fauquier Sports Foundation Contacts:

Fauquier Sports Foundation Officers:
(President) - Doug Fisher - Email: CoachFisher@FauquierWrestling.org
(Vice-President) - Bruce Kerns - Email: brucekerns.kernsmasonry@gmail.com
(Secretary) - Heather DeFriest - Email: hdefriest@gmail.com
(Treasurer) - Dan Durst - Email: durstsd@gmail.com

Fauquier Sports Foundation Board Members:
Bruce Kerns
Greg Craddock
Larry Brown
Lynn Walsh
Cynde Kuhns
Rob McAndrew
Heather DeFriest
Doug Fisher
Kris Bishop
Dan Durst

Fauquier Sports Foundation, Inc. was organized and operates exclusively to foster and conduct national or international amateur sports competition and to develop amateur athletes for that competition. As a 501-C non-profit organization, our IRS number is 27-0426521 and our address is 2501 Durham Pl. Jeffersonton, VA 22724. We do not promote any political activity and are governed by a Board of Directors.
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Use the following address for mailing purposes:
Fauquier Sports Foundation
2501 Durham Pl.
Jeffersonton, VA 22724