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    Falcons of Fame - Wall of Fame:

Over the years and as the Fauquier wrestling team has produced many great wrestlers they have been honored by becoming a part of the ring of circle in the Wall of Fame. The Wall of Fame is located in the lobby of the gym at Fauquier HS. In this area you will see plaques of students on the wall that have come through Fauquier and have achieved outstanding honors while participating in a sport as a Fauquier High School student. Below is a picture of those plaques.

   Royce Hedding - 2nd/1967    Doug Coyner - 2nd/1969, 4th/1970

   Greg Beach - 2nd/1971, 2nd/1972    Brade Goolsby - 1st/1971
   Robert Blue - 1st/1973    Tommy Cummings - 3rd/1980, 1st/1983
   Mike Dean - 2nd/1986    Fred Ramsburg - 2nd/1987
   Cody Claymier - 2nd/1993    Carlos Castelar - 3rd/1994
   Robby Gosnell - 1st/02    Charles Jenkins - 2nd/01, 2nd/02, 1st/03
   Troy McGuinness - 3rd/2003, 4th/2004    Kenny Green - 5th/2003, 3rd/2005
   Kevin Chapman - 1st/05, 5th/06, 3rd/07    David Yost - 2nd/05, 4th/07, 2nd/08
   Nick Cook - 5th/06, 2nd/07, 2nd/08    Daniel McGillvray - 1st/07, 1st/08, 1st/09
 Ryan Hunsberger-7th/07,2nd/08,2nd/09,1st/10    Conner Miller - 1st/07, 5th/08, 3rd/09, 1st/10
 Greg Flournoy-4th/08, 4th/09, 2nd/10, 5th/11  Chris Moon-7th/08, 2nd/09, 1st/10 (Prep Nationals)
   Jacob Falfedher - 3rd/2011  Evan Oddenino 2nd/12
   Bennett Payne 3rd/11, 2nd/12  Marco Tcheukado 3rd/12
   Max Strum 2nd/13  Daniel Ariola 6th/13, 1st/14, 1st/15
   Matt Raines 5th/12 1st/14, 1st/15  Garrett Tingen 3rd/13, 1st/14, 1st/15, 1st/16
   Clifford Harrison 2nd/15, 2nd/16  Tyler Foster 3rd/15, 3rd/16, 2nd/17