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Where are you now - Michael Villalobos
by: Ted Proctor

Story 1: Where are you now - Michael Villalobos

As teams across the state start to gear up for the 2019-20 wrestling season, we would like to take a look at some of the past and former Fauquier wrestling alumni who are now coaching in the state of Virginia.

This week we would like to present to you Michael Villalobos.

Michael Villalobos graduated from Fauquier in 2013 and during his senior year wrestling at 145lbs Villalobos took 8th place in the AA VHSL States Championship that year. In 2013 Fauquier won its 4th Region Championships as the team finished in 8th place at the AA States. Michael was a four-year starter for the Falcons while competing for team Fauquier.

Many hometown fans may know Michael Villalobos as he is currently part of the Fauquier Wrestling Coaching staff. Villalobos has been an assistant since 2015 and part of the team that won the 4A State Championship.

College and Degree?
Michael - “I received my Associates Degree in Computer Science from Northern Virginia Community College and my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from George Mason University.”

Current Career?
Michael - “I am currently working in cyber forensics for Leverage Information Technology.”

Where do you live?
Michael - “I recently settled down in Centreville, VA”

The Falcon of Fame Stat: Currently resting at #51 with 66-62 Individual wins for team Fauquier how, was the experience wrestling for team Fauquier?
Michael - “My experience going through the program was great, there was a tight bond that developed among teammates and the coaching staff provided a pathway littered with the opportunities necessary for each of us to reach our potential.”

How long have you been coaching?
Michael - “After graduating in 2013 I couldn’t wait to get back in the room. I began coaching my second year in college and I’ve been coaching every year since. This year I will begin my 5th season as a coach.”

What attracts you to be a HS wrestling coach?
Michael - “Wrestling is something I enjoy, and it taught me how to work hard. I came in as a freshman with no previous experience as a wrestler and my senior year I placed at states. This was possible due to the opportunities and environment the coaches created for us to learn. Wrestling quickly became a passion of mine and I wanted to give back to the program I went through to help provide the same positive experiences that I had received.”

Can you shed some thoughts to the readers about coaching for team Fauquier?
Michael - “Being a previous student at Fauquier and now being a coach, I have been able to learn from a different angle. Coaching at Fauquier has provided many unique experiences that you don't often come by. We do quite a bit of traveling which allows us to experience how different schools/states wrestle which is great from an analytical standpoint."

Coach Fisher on Michael Villalobos as a wrestler and a coach?
"It has been a tremendous pleasure having Michael as a coach. As a wrestler, he was able to do what very very few are capable of. He was a first year wrestler as a Freshman and we had an opening at his weight.

He jumped in with both feet and got beat up as happens to first year wrestlers on our varsity schedule. Instead of getting naturally disheartened, he became determined and kept working hard all the following off-season, then again the next season then again in the next off-season.

Normally guys that have the mental and physical toughness to get thrown into the fire like Michael only develop a solid defense, and never get the opportunity to transition into being an offensive and subsequently successful wrestler.

Michael, on the other hand, through his hard work, mental toughness and year around dedication, not only developed into a complete wrestler, but became one of Fauquier's best. He was and still is a student of the sport and that allowed him to develop at such a fast pace as a wrestler and also has been instrumentive in his development as a coach.

He has been helping us since he graduated High School and although has had a very demanding college curriculum (BS in Computer Science from George Mason), which he just completed he has been instrumental in our success over the past 5 years.....actually 9 years including his time as a wrestler.

He is coming up on a decade of dedication to Fauquier Wrestling and I know that we will be that much better if his involvement continues for another decade..... or more....”

2013 and during his senior year wrestling at 145lbs Michael Villalobos took 8th place in the AA VHSL States

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