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Where are you now - TJ Marable
by: Ted Proctor

Story 1: Where are you now - TJ Marable

As teams across the state start to gear up for the 2019-20 wrestling season, I would like to take a look at some of the past and former Fauquier wrestling alumni who are now coaching in the state of Virginia.

This week we would like to present to you TJ Marable.

TJ Marable graduated from Fauquier in 2008 and during his senior year wrestling at 160lbs Marable won the District Championships and took 8th place in the AAA VHSL States Championship that year.

In 2008 Fauquier won its 4th District Championships and had a team high of nine individual District Champions as the team finished in 3rd place at the AAA States.

TJ Marable had been an assistance wrestling coach of the Rock Ridge Wrestling Coach Staff over the past five years. But as we start the 2019-20 wrestling season TJ will be coaching at the newest Loudoun County high school, Independence HS. in Ashburn.

College and Degree?
TJ - "Virginia Commonwealth University. BA - Interdisciplinary Studies: Business Management & Advertising."

Current Career?
TJ - "Recently transitioned to Web Developer for Van Metre Homes after working as their Digital Marketing Manager."

Where do you live?
TJ - "Currently live in Manassas Virginia."

The Falcon of Fame Stat - Currently resting at #45 with 74-45 career record for team Fauquier, how was the experience wrestling for Fauquier?
TJ - "Wrestling for Fauquier helped shaped who I am today. From the camaraderie of being on a team that is always traveling or in a gym 12+ hours every Saturday to learning to persevere through tough times and reach your goals. It was great to be part of one the teams that started that winning streak that is still going on to this day."

Most memorable moment as a high school athlete?
TJ - "Definitely has to be getting that last second take down in the blood round of states to go on to the next day to place."

How long have you been coaching?
TJ - "Have been coaching at Rock Ridge for the past 5 years (since the school opened) and this coming season will be coaching the Brambleton MS program as well as Independence HS (Ashburn) for it's opening year. The schools are directly across from one another."

What attracts you to be a HS wrestling coach?
TJ - "Could go on and on with this one, but will list a few. It's a sport you that you can start with little to no experience in HS and can see progression with patience, discipline and a strong work ethic... Hard work pays off! Seeing my wrestlers reach their goals whether it be in the sport or just in life... And one of the most important things I think attracts me to the sport is that it teaches humility and how to lose which I think are super important in life."

How do you measure a wrestler's success?
TJ - It all depends on the person. Can be that ah-ha moment in a match, seeing a wrestler season to season going that extra mile or changing their work ethic in the room to achieve their goals or could be that shy freshman kid that became a natural leader or captain by setting examples in the room and in school. It's crazy how many wrestlers can be such natural leaders!"

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