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Where are you now - Ryan Hunsberger
by: Ted Proctor

Story 6: Where are you now - Ryan Hunsberger

As teams across the state start to gear up for the 2019-20 wrestling season, I would like to take a look at some of the past and former Fauquier wrestling alumni who are now coaching in the state of Virginia.

This week we would like to present to you Ryan Hunsberger.

Ryan Hunsberger is another outstanding wrestler of many that was on the Falcon wrestling team from 2007-2010. Ryan also had an amazing career while earning 181 wins and rests second behind Kevin Chapman (07).

Yes, more Fauquier wrestlers would follow Ryan with the similar success but he had the drive to finish his High School career by winning the AA State Championships in 2010 after earning State runner up status both his sophomore and Junior years.

Ryan was Nationally ranked during his senior year that proved to bear the team captain and being team MVP of the team in 2009 and 2010.

Ryan was a product of year round wrestling while competing on the Virginia Freestyle Cadet and Junior teams throughout the summer of his high school seasons. Years of youth wrestling that paved the way in becoming the first 4X District, Regional, and VHSL State placer in School history.

Wrestling at 103 lbs during his freshman year, Ryan went 53-7 while earning a 3rd place finish in Regionals and 7th place at the AAA State Championships.

Ryan also wrestled at the 103 lbs his sophomore year and was runner up at the District, Regional, and AAA State Championships with a season record of 43-9. Ryan also won the Virginia Greco and Freestyle State Championships that spring.

Moving up to 112 weight class for his Junior year, Ryan had similar success by repeating runner up at the District, Regional, and AAA State Wrestling Championships. Ryan improved on his season record by posting a 49-13 record. Ryan again wrestled on the Virginia Junior National Team in Fargo.

Having the runner up status the previous two years while posting a 36-6 season record, Ryan was on a mission to win the State championship title his senior season. Wrestling 125 lbs weight class, Ryan had the drive and vision that made an everlasting impact for team Fauquier becoming the District, Regional, and AA State Champion.

As Ryan attended George Mason University after high school with some personal goals to be an NCAA Qualifier and All-American. Having some miner adversity that the sport of wrestling brings on, Ryan finished with 40 plus matches for the Patriots. Some of Ryan achievements while in college was placing 3rd at the Appalachian State Open, 4th at the Lock Haven Invitational, and beat four NCAA D1 National Qualifiers while at Mason.

Ryan Hunsberger also wrestled alongside teammate Greg Flournoy.    More on Ryan Hunsberger wrestling Bio at GMU can be found here > >

Ryan Hunsberger in action on the GMU wrestling team.

Ryan also competed on the International level as well during college. He was two time round of 12 at University Nationals, which was the World Team Qualifier.    Ryan Hunsberger in actiion at 2013 ASICS University Nationals > >

Jumping into coaching shortly after graduating college, Ryan has been the Head Assistance Coach at Woodbridge HS. wrestling team (Woodbridge, VA) from 2016 to present.

College and Degree?
Ryan - "B.S. Health Promotion from George Mason University (2015) and currently pursing my Masters ."

Current Career?
Ryan - "I am the Founder and Head Coach of a USA Wrestling Club here in Woodbridge VA. I am also a director for Rehab and Sport Performance located in the Northern Virginia area."

Where do you live?
Ryan - "I live with my beautiful wife in Alexandria/Arlington Virginia."

How has wrestling in College Wrestler impacted your life today?
Ryan - "To be an athlete you have to be commitment and being able to adapt to tough situations. Division 1 wrestling has to be a part of your life and you have to be able to understand those situations at a young age. All of this has made me a better coach to this day."

The Falcon of Fame Stat: Currently resting at #2 with 181- 29 career record for team Fauquier, how was the experience wrestling for Fauquier?
Ryan - "The experience wrestling at Fauquier was unreal. It prepared me for all levels of wrestling and helped me push through tough times in my life. Fauquier High School gave me a good education and helped me set a path for my future as a wrestler and a student."

Coach Sam Hunsberger. We can call him coach but he is your father any words on Mr. Hunsberger and how he was part of your youth on the corner of the mat growing up?
Ryan - "My dad is no doubt one of the main reasons I became a great wrestler. A father figure and a coach can see past all the obstacles and motivate you to success as well as being a parent. Almost every weekend Dad and I would go to NJ, PA, NY, or MD, and wrestle the best kids in the country just to get mat time. I don’t know if there is any other dedicated dad than that for their son. He taught me life valuable lessons and has kept me loving this sport since I was 9. To this day, Wrestling is my life and always will be."

Most memorable moment as a high school athlete?
Ryan - "To be honest my most memorable moment was not my state championship my senior year but during my Sophomore year when we were on path to winning a team state title and it came down to Nick Cooks heavyweight match. He lost and watching the team break was tragic, but a day later, we became even stronger. That to me is the most memorable moment because fighting for one another is what we do, we are a family of wrestlers that can overcome anything no matter the consequences."

How do you motivate wrestlers to give you their absolute best?
Ryan - "I teach wrestlers that this sport is a way of life. At the end of the day, I can only motivate them to succeed and to push to another level. I just guide them in the best direction for success and they take the reins. The three key components that my club follows are Work Ethic, Strong Mindset, and Character. If you have those 3 components you will no doubt become a great wrestler at all levels of your career. Learning what fuels these kids is what will help you get through to them, and help them be a better wrestler and student."

Any reflection on your current high school wrestling team; how is it going, any amazing or great back stories that you would want to share?
Ryan - "Our club has been pretty successful in the past 2.5 years; we have sent 10 kids to wrestle in college and three of them at the Division 1 level. Ty Knepp the Head Coach for Woodbridge Senior High School has had 3 years of top 10 finishes including a 5th state finish, in just only 7 - years of coaching, I remember in 2008 -2012 they were not doing so well at the state level, so watching that growth alongside of coach Knepp has been remarkable."

Ryan Hunsberger in front row with Nick Cook and Fauquier Wrestling team (2007-08).

Ryan Hunsberger getting his arm raised after winning the AA State Championship at 125 lbs (2010).

From right to left: TJ Marable, Ryan Hunsberger, David Yost, Greg Flournoy - all wrestling at MAWA.

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