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Where are you now - Eric Russo
by: Ted Proctor

Story 4: Where are you now - Eric Russo

As teams across the state start to gear up for the 2019-20 wrestling season, I would like to take a look at some of the past and former Fauquier wrestling alumni who are now coaching in the state of Virginia.

This week we would like to present to you Eric Russo.

Eric Russo is a 2008 Fauquier graduate and during his senior year wrestling at 145lbs Russo won the Cedar Run District Championships, 3rd place at Regionals and took 6th place in the AAA VHSL States Championships that year. Russo finished with a 37-14 senior year record.

Russo a force in the middle of the line up that help Fauquier win the District Championships, second place in the standaings at Regionals, and third place at the AA State Champions in 2008. Russo was also one of nine individual State placers during this season.

Over the past five years Eric Russo had been an assistance and most recently the head wrestling coach at Rock Ridge High School. But as we start the 2019-20 wrestling season like TJ Marable, Russo will also be coaching at the newest Loudoun County high school, Independence HS. in Ashburn.

As Russo started the Rock Ridge HS. wrestling program five years ago when school opened up he once again will be doing this at Independence HS.

College and Degree?
Eric - "Virginia Military Institute - English."

Current Career?
Eric - "Currently working as a Pharmacy Technician."

Where do you live?
Eric - "Reston, Virginia."

The Falcon of Fame Stat - Currently resting at #20 with 119-34 career record for team Fauquier, how was the experience wrestling for Fauquier?
Eric - "I started wrestling my freshman year of high school, so I was brand new to the sport when I first walked into the Fauquier wrestling room. There was a reason why I embraced the sport so quickly and was willing to dedicate myself to it - the coaching staff and Fauquier wrestling community was so welcoming and supportive that it made me want to be there. It made me want to be part of the sport. The Fauquier Wrestling program felt like home and it instilled a love for the sport into me. It's the reason why my life is still surrounded and intertwined with the wrestling community."

Your senior year the 2008 Fauquier team was something special, any personal memories you like to share while wrestling for the Falcon?
Eric - "There were so many things that happened that year both on and off the mat that made it special. The Virginia Duals and entire post-season stand out as special memories but I think that the thing I enjoyed most about that season were my teammates. I hardly remember a single match from that season, but I remember how much fun the Fauquier team had at every event."

What are some qualities that you bring to coaching?
Eric - "I think that learning to be more flexible and adapt my approach as a coach is something that has helped me a lot. Not every kid has the same goals that I have for them, not every kid is going to have the same success with a set of moves, I'm not always the best person to show something or explain a certain technique, maybe I have been doing a move wrong for ten years, all of that is alright and being able to recognize those things has helped me develop into a coach with overall better qualities."

Has the sport of wrestling changed since you were in High School?
Eric - "In terms of the sport overall, I feel that it is very similar. The biggest change that I have noticed is in the amount of material and content that is easily accessed by anyone that is interested in the sport. There are a million videos on technique, interviews with wrestlers, FloWrestling, all of this content makes it really easy to see what other coaches and wrestlers are doing and keep tabs on the sport."

Any moments that you have enjoyed since you have been coaching?
Eric - "Over the last five years I got to coach with some of my best friends at Rock Ridge High School in Ashburn, VA. We started the program and watched it from grow from our first dual where we lost 67-0 to a regional title and the school’s first state champion. The entire experience of starting and building a brand-new program was an enjoyable experience and one that our staff is looking forward to doing again when we open Independence High School this coming season."

Any words with coaching along side HS teammate TJ Marable?
Eric - "TJ and I have been best friends since fourth grade, amazing to have the opportunity to coach together. Hanging out in the wrestling room and at tournaments together is something I'm hoping to do with him for as many seasons as I can. Reminds me of the old days."

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