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Where are you now - Greg Flournoy
by: Ted Proctor

Story 3: Where are you now - Greg Flournoy

As teams across the state start to gear up for the 2019-20 wrestling season, we would like to take a look at some of the past and former Fauquier wrestling alumni who are now coaching in the state of Virginia.

This week we would like to present to you Greg Flournoy.

Greg Flournoy graduated from Fauquier in 2011 and during his wrestling career as a Falcon he was a 4X District Champion (one of six Falcons) 2X Regional Champion (one of six Falcons) and a 4X State placer from 4th/08, 4th/09, 2nd/10, 5th/11 (one of five Falcons).

Greg was part of the Fauquier wrestling team that won four District Championships from 2008-11. Greg also was part of the 2010 and 2011 team that won the Regional Championships and advance 11 wrestlers on to the State Championships - 2011 (most by any Fauquier wrestling team).

Greg was also part of the Falcons when team took a 2nd place in the State Championships (2009) and 3rd place twice (2008 and 2010).

Greg currently rest on the Fauquier All Time Greatest Moments and Achievements twice:

Number 24 - Greg Flournoy taking 4th place as the Beast of the East beating Jacob Crawford (Millbrook HS) in the Quarters the #12 ranked wrestler in the country - 2008

Number 41 - Most Regional Champs 4 (Greg Flournoy, Conner Miller, Chris Moon, Daniel McGillivray), and first time in the team 45 year history – 2009

Greg was also part of the team Fauquier through other Greatest Moments and Achievement    15, 18, 19, 20, 23, 32, 33, 40, 42.

Greg went onto wrestle at George Mason Univ. from 2011-16 and during his senior year Greg posted a 31-12 record, the most wins on the team that season. Greg clinched the NCAA Tournament berth twice 2015 and 2016. Greg finished with a 97-58 career record while at Mason.

Greg Flournoy went on to be an assistance coach for GMU for two years 2016-18 and now currently an assistance wrestling coach for the Robinson HS. in Fairfax VA.

College and Degree?
Greg - “George Mason University and Economics.”

Current Career?
Greg - “Subcontracts Specialist for Northrop Grumman.”

Where do you live?
Greg - “Centreville, VA”

The Falcon of Fame Stat: Currently resting at #5 with 175-32 career record for team Fauquier, how was the experience wrestling for Fauquier?
Greg - “Wrestling for Fauquier was a remarkable experience. I got to pursue my goals with my best friends by my side. I’m still really close with some of my teammates and that really shows how tight knit of a group we were. Also, it was a place that helped me grow as an athlete and person. There are a lot of things I learned that helped me in college, and still do in life and now coaching. ”

One of a few wrestlers that have extended their wrestling career in College. Can you reflect on what it takes to be a college wrestler?
Greg - “The easy answer is commitment. But I think one of the most important aspects is being consistent. There are a lot of distractions in college that can lead you down the wrong path as a student athlete. I tried to simplify it and take things day by day. If I was consistent in my effort, attitude, training, diet, sleep, studies, etc. I was going to be successful. We all have our days where we just aren’t performing like we should but you have to have a short memory and learn from it. Control what you can control and you’ll have a great chance to succeed.”

Experiencing the different levels of the sport, what's the hardest thing kids have to go through these days?
Greg - “Probably the pressure that’s put on them by others or themselves. Everyone wants to succeed in sports and that can take a toll on you if you aren’t. You have to be mentally tough to accept failure and know that it’s part of the journey.”

How long have you been coaching at Robinson HS?
Greg - “I am going into my second year of coaching at Robinson High School."

What attracts you to be a HS wrestling coaching?
Greg - “Once I was done competing, I had to find a way to stay involved in the sport. I was fortunate enough to coach at GMU for a few years but I wanted to do more. Luckily, I was near a program that has been really successful for a long time and was a great place for me to grow as a coach. Throughout my career, I had some amazing coaches that helped me succeed in wrestling, school and life. Wrestling is very important to me and I wanted to help kids achieve their goals like my coaches did for me."

Coach Bryan Hazard on Greg Flournoy.
As Greg Flournoy will continue his second year at Robinson HS we reached out to Head Coach of the Rams, Bryan Hazard and had him say a few words on Greg.

Greg Flournoy was a force at George Mason 2011-16, can you reflect on his wrestling career as a Patriot?
Coach Hazard - "I had the opportunity to watch Greg throughout his entire career, from youth through college. Greg was a tactical wizard and used his body type perfectly. It is also always fantastic to see the character of athlete that succeeds. Greg lives the “right” way putting his family, friends and career first."

Coach Hazard on Greg Flournoy now a coach at Robinson?
Coach Hazard - "I was in contact with Greg when he was coaching at GMU, and when he left GMU, I was excited when he asked me to come across the street to help with our off-season workouts. He is patient with the athletes, he communicates his technique and vales with the athletes and staff, and he adds a tremendous amount to our program. We would truly be less without him."

Any highlights or backstories from last season you can discuss to our readers?
Coach Hazard - "Greg is always willing to stay after to work specific techniques/strategies with any athlete. Last season, he worked specifically with our 152 lb wrestler Matt Park to guide him to the state finals, and he worked with our 170 lb wrestler Rayan El-Kournayti on the down position which also led him to the state finals. Rayan began the year as a JV wrestler, and with Greg’s tutelage, Rayan became successful!"

Bryan Hurst on Greg Flournoy.
A former coach of Greg Flournoy Bryan Hurst states - "Greg was a tough competitor. He came into high school with a strong wrestling background. Greg had a collegiate style of wrestling which put him at the top of all levels. Middle school, high school and college he made it to the national tournaments in all. Greg had a perfect mix between aggressive and technique. Fun wrestler to coach and follow through his collegiate career."

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