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Fauquier takes 3rd at the Elite Open with three first place winners
by: Ted Proctor - 12-08-2013
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   1st Place - Elite Opener

Daniel Ariola, Matt Raines,
and Garrett Tingen
Picture by Jack Raines

The Fauquier wrestling team traveled to Skyline HS on Sat. Dec. 7th in Front Royal, VA for the Elite Opener. This was a varsity 12 team Round Robin Tournament. Fauquier ended up in 3rd place overall as Daniel Ariola (113), Matt Raines (138), and Garrett Tingen (145) all earned being named Champions of the Elite Opener and now jump out with a 5-0 individual record to start the season. In addition, Clifford Harrison (152) and Vito Camarca (160) ended up in 3rd place and Senior Justin Sanker (285) took home a 4th place medal, which rounded out Fauquiersí individual top 4 placements.

To start the season off by wrestling at the Elite Opener brings the best wrestlers and teams in the state of Virginia into one venue. To go head to head with last yearís AAA state champion Robinson HS-6A and of course Colonial Forge HS-6A who was second behind Robinson last year one must raise his game even at the season opener. Or should we look at Virginia Beachís Great Bridge HS who also has a history of winning the state title and to add a few high level West Virginia high schools to this fire storm makes for a high level Elite wrestling event.

Good technique, strength, and speed were all needed on the mat to be named Elite Opener Champion. Even though I did not step on any scale on Saturday I would weigh-in and question anyone that would differ that this tournament would be the toughest in the state of Virginia this opening weekend. I just wonder if the Falcons knew of this going into this meet.

As the Fauquier Falcons finished in 3rd place it turned out that this was a three-way race battling for this 3rd place position leading right up to the very last matches. As the tournament moved on to the last round-the Championship pools, Fauquier found themselves in 4th place with 193 points right behind Benedictine, a VA private school with 218 points and Battlefield HS holding onto 5th place with 175 points.

At the halfway mark of this Championship round the Falcons found themselves in the mix with all of these same three teams within 7 points between 3rd and 5th place-as Fauquier jumped Benedictine into 3rd place with 234 points. With Daniel Ariola (113) and Matt Raines (138) winning their Championship pool and becoming the Elite Opener Champion, it came down to the final two Falcon wrestlers Garrett Tingenís (145) and senior Justin Sankerís (285) matches to seal the 3rd place team finish.

With Tingen and Sanker earning wins on these final two matches for Fauquier it must show Coach Fisher that the team had some desire to close out these matches strong. Even though the Elite Opener was not awarding any third place trophies to teams (just the top two teams), Fauquier wrestlers continued to win many important matches against ranked wrestlers during the day to secure the third place in the tournament. But one must not over look other key matches with the team throughout the day which also aided in the teamís success. To have Jake Hilleary, Kyle Roche, and Trevor Marable all boosting a 3-2 record should also show that the teamís experience is present as wins are continuing from many.

This twelve team tournament event grouped individual wrestlers into three pools based on their seeds; as such, there were pools of four wrestlers in a three match round robin. Based on how each wrestler competed within these pools, the wrestlers were then placed in a final pool based on their record. By dayís end most wrestlers ended with 5 matches as the Fauquier Nation wrestled hard to earn the top third spot. Below are the teamís final standing and the individual results.

1.   Robinson
2.   Colonial Forge
3.   Fauquier
4.   Battlefield
5.   Benedictine
6.   Great Bridge
7.   Washington
8.   Skyline
9.   Franklin County
10.   Millbrook
11    Musselman
12.   John Handley
Individual Records and Placement
113 Daniel Ariola 5-0 1st place
120 Jake Hilleary 3-2
126 Kyle Roche 3-2
132 Trevor Marable 3-2
138 Matt Raines 5-0 1st place
145 Garrett Tingen 5-0 1st place
152 Clifford Harrison 3-2 3rd place
160 Vito Camarca 3-2 3rd place
170 Erick Lemus 1-4
182 Andrew Smith 2-3
195 Tyler Devers 0-4
220 Thomas Palmer 1-4
285 Justin Sanker 4-1 4th place

   Fauquier Wrestling team

@ Skyline Elite Opener
picture taken by Jack Raines

Q: Can you tell us what itís like to enter a wrestling team in an event knowing that you are competing with the best teams in the state?
Coach Fisher - That is the exact reason why we return to the Skyline Elite tournament year after year. It is a great mechanism to help determine what we need to work on. It is an early season stress test.

Q: If you had to give out a best individual performance at the Elite Opener-who would that be?
Coach Fisher - We had a bunch of guys really step up their performance at this tournament. Daniel Ariola handily beat one of top guys in the state of VA and another in the state of WV. Matt Raines probably had the toughest bracket of anyone in the tournament and beat multiple ranked guys who had beaten him previously. Garrett Tingen continues to improve significantly with every match and is never satisfied with just a win, and earned bonus points in all 5 of his wins. But the person that I was most impressed with was Justin Sanker. Justin went 4-1 with 3 pins and really turned the proverbial corner. He dominated in those four matches, and I saw in Justin what we all knew he was capable of, and finally, Justin now knows it also.

Q: Give a grade of the team after this first event?
Coach Fisher - I would give the team a straight B. Although we were firing hot on a bunch of cylinders, we were misfiring on a couple others. We have much work ahead of us if we are to reach our team goals this year.

Q: Are there areas of Improvements for team Fauquier?
Coach Fisher - Many. That is the great thing about tough competitions. Those areas of improvement are prominently displayed. There were a few areas that we need to work on as a team, but most of the adjustments that we need are individualized both in technique and match preparation.

The road to the state meet is a long journey as the team posted a 39-25 win-loss record Coach Fisher must now re-gear the team focus for a busy week to come. Moving forward with another week of practice, Coach Fisher feels and should expect that the team should be open for improvements as they prepare for the Falcon Duals (home dual meet), which is scheduled for next week Dec 14th. Then the following week team Fauquier will travel to Beast of the East in Delaware, Newark DE.

Below are the individual results from the Elite Opener.


Round #1
113 Daniel Ariola won 2-0 over Seth Brodie-CF
120 Jake Hilleary lost 12-6 to Stryder Jackson-GB
126 Kyle Roche won 16-0 TF over Issaac Patterson-MB
132 Trevor Marable lost 3-1 to Dollan Walash-BE
138 Matt Raines won by Fall over Corey Gloyd-MB
145 Garrett Tingen won by Fall over B Bradrey Fournier-Wash
152 Clifford Harrison won by Fall over Mason Woodall-CF
160 Vito Camarca won by Fall over Jared Prazma-Wash
170 Erick Lemus lost by Fall to Mark Becraft-Wash
182 Andrew Smith lost by Fall to Zane Bradbury-Wash
195 Tyler Devers lost by Fall to Devon Sharp-MB
220 Thomas Palmer lost by Fall to Lee Artrip-MB
285 Justin Sanker won by Fall over Marquis Cobbs-FC

Round Notes: The Falcons went 7-6 with 5 pins. After the first round Fauquier had 39pts and in 8th place.

Round #2
113 Daniel Ariola won 19-2 TF over Billy Sperry-Sky
120 Jake Hilleary lost by Fall to Josh Nail-CF
126 Kyle Roche lost by Fall to Richard Riggs-Rob
132 Trevor Marable lost 8-2 to Noah Goss-Sky
138 Matt Raines won by Fall over Andre Andriola-Hand
145 Garrett Tingen won by Fall over Avery Henry-Rob
152 Clifford Harrison won by over Fall Gabe Neaverth-MB
160 Vito Camarca won by Fall over Ryan Thomas-GB
170 Erick Lemus lost by Fall to Justin Altice-FC
182 Andrew Smith lost by Fall to Dylan Wisman-MB
195 Tyler Devers lost by Fall to Brady Estep-MM
220 Thomas Palmer loat by Fall to Patrick Grayson-FC
285 Justin Sanker won by Fall over Brendan Casey-Rob

Round Notes: Team Fauquier went 6-7 with 5 pins.

Round #3
113 Daniel Ariola won 15-2 over Drew Holden-FC
120 Jake Hilleary won by Fall over Benjamin Levinson-Rob
126 Kyle Roche won by Fall over Alyssa Greenleft-GB
132 Trevor Marable won 13-0 over Cam Bentley-Hand
138 Matt Raines won 4-3 2OT over Dane Robbins-Rob
145 Garrett Tingen won by Fall over Harrison Robinson-Hand
152 Clifford Harrison won 5-4 over Riley Jackson-GB
160 Vito Camarca won by Fall over Jarred Brown-FC
170 Erick Lemus won by Fall over Nick Sprinkle-MM
182 Andrew Smith won by Fall over Nate Ellis-FC
195 Tyler Devers lost by Fall to Chris McClanahan-GB
220 Thomas Palmer Bye
285 Justin Sanker lost 6-2 to Andrew Henline-GB

Round Notes: Fauquier had a much improved 3rd round by going 10-2 with 6 pins. The Falcons advance 5 wrestlers to the Final Champion round, as two wrestlers will be placed in the 4th pool and 6 wrestlers that will be battling in the 7th pool. No team scores posted yet.

Championship Pool
113 Daniel Ariola won 6-2 over Asper-Batt
138 Matt Raines won 4-0 over Stone-CF
145 Garrett Tingen won by Fall over Harris-CF
152 Clifford Harrison lost 18-2 TF to Bass-Rob
160 Vito Camarca lost 15-3 to DePasquale-Rob

113 Daniel Ariola won 6-4 over Dolan-MM
138 Matt Raines won 4-0 over Kemam-MM
145 Garrett Tingen won 9-1 over Corbin-BE
152 Clifford Harrison lost 14-2 to Waver-Batt
160 Vito Camarca lost 5-0 to Huston-Sky

Final Round Notes: Wrestlers went 6-4 with 1 pin.

4th Pool
126 Kyle Roche won 11-3 over Nisson-Batt
285 Justin Sanker won by Fall over Penwell-Wash

126 Kyle Roche lost 6-4 to Hazard-Rob
285 Justin Sanker won 4-1 over Pederson-Batt

Final Round Notes: Wrestlers went 3-1 with 1 pin.

7th Pool
120 Jake Hilleary won 12-6 over Shrauder-Batt
132 Trevor Marable won 10-3 over Huff-MB
170 Erick Lemus lost 10-3 to Delaney-Batt
182 Andrew Smith won 6-4 over Doinguez-Batt
195 Tyler Devers lost by Fall to Stone-Sky
220 Thomas Palmer lost by Fall to Estep-MM

120 Jake Hilleary won by Fall over Spencer-Sky
132 Trevor Marable won 6-4 over Aguilar-Batt
170 Erick Lemus lost 14-9 to Vega-Hand
182 Andrew Smith lost by Fall to Winters-CF
195 Tyler Devers lost by Fall to Wagner-Hand
220 Thomas Palmer won by Fall over Kimble-MM

Final Round Notes: Wrestlers went 6-6 with 2 pins.

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