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Max Strum is the Elite Virginia Falcon as Fauquier takes 6th at the Elite Opener
by: Ted Proctor - 12-04-2012
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   182 Max Strum

1st Place - Skyline Elite Opener

On December 1st and around the state teams geared up to compete in the first VHSL wrestling event of the season, as the Fauquier wrestling traveled to Skyline HS. in Front Royal, Virginia to compete in the Elite Opener. With last yearís AAA state championship team Colonial Forge HS, power house Robinson HS., and teams from Virginia Beach and West Virginia in attendance, the Falcons faced these Elite teams and more from around the region. One could argue that the Elite Opener clearly was the toughest tournament that was scheduled in Virginia this weekend.

Fauquier Falcons finished in the middle of the pack provided to put on a show and earning high respect of all on the wrestling mat. If you ask Coach Fisher I am sure he would not have it any other way. To start the season competing with the best brings forth much to measure with his young team. The team may not have finished as high as last year but had equaled itís number of champions from one year past.

This twelve team tournament event grouped individual wrestlers into three pools based on their seeds; as such, there were pools of four wrestlers in a three match round robin. Based on how each wrestler competed within this pools, the wrestlers were then place in a final pool based on their record. By dayís end most wrestlers ended with 5 matches as the Fauquier Nation wrestled hard for a 6th place finish. Below are the teamís final standing and the individual results.

1.    Colonial Forge
2.    Robinson
3.    Washington
4.    Franklin Count
5.    Kellam.
6.    Fauquier
7.    Skyline.
8.    Millbrook
9.    Mussleman
10.   Freedom
11.   Osbourn
12.   Manassas Park
Individual Records and Placement
106 Caleb Strum 3-2
113 Daniel Ariola 3-1 - 2nd place
120 Jake Hilleary 1-4
126 Garrett Tingen 3-2
132 Matt Raines 4-1 - 2nd place
138 Trevor Marable 3-2
145 Michael Villalobos 3-2 - 3rd place
152 Andrew Smith 1-4
160 Erick Lemus 0-4
182 Max Strum 5-0 - 1st Place
285 Justin Sanker 1-3

   Fauquier Wrestling team

@ Skyline Elite Opener

The Falcons advanced 4 wrestlers to the finals with Max Strum (a senior) wrestling at 182 weight class going 5-0 and becoming the sole Elite Opener winner for the Falcons. Max Strum won his final match 4 to 3 with a last second take down over Zach Martinez of Colonial Forge in an exciting and bazaar ending. Zach Martinez is one of the top ranked wrestlers in the state of Virginia at AAA as Max is the Elite Champion. In addition to Max Strum winning the season Elite Opener Daniel Ariola (113) went 3-1 and Matt Raines (132) who ended up going 4-1 both finished in 2nd place. Senior Michael Villalobos (145) also took home a media taking 3rd place.

Since the start of the season the Falcons have had a few of their varsity wrestlers out of the line-up for variety of reasons. Coach Fisher did not put in a full line up at this event do these injuries as Fauquier Nation was exposed to few first year wrestlers breaking into the varsity line-up and getting varsity experiences for the first time. Moving forward with another week of practice, Coach Fisher feels and expects that the team should be one step closer to full strength as the team will be preparing and gearing up for NOVA Classic at Fairfax HS which is schedule for next week Dec 7th and 8th.

Below are the individual results from the Elite Opener.

106 Caleb Strum lost 15-4 to Joshua Nail Colonial Forge
113 Daniel Ariola won by TF 17-2 over Billy Sperry Skyline
120 Jake Hilleary lost by pin to Herbert Berios Osbourn
126 Garrett Tingen lost 13-1 to Jeff Stone Colonial Forge
132 Matt Raines won by pin over Curtis Harris Colonial Forge
138 Trevor Marable won by pin over Brian Vetal Osbourn
145 Michael Villalobos won by pin Reece Benzel Kellam
152 Andrew Smith lost by pin to Cody Spinks Mussleman
160 Erick Lemus lost 10-7 Isaiah Baker Manassas Park
182 Max Strum won by pin Will Jenkeins Kellam
285 Justin Sanker won by pin over Tallon Hill Washington

Round notes: Fauquier went 6-5 with 5 pins and 1 Tech. Fall.

106 Caleb Strum won by pin over Justin Cornwell Skyline
113 Daniel Ariola won 7-1 over TY Reynolds Washington
120 Jake Hilleary lost by pin to Herbert Berios Osbourn
126 Garrett Tingen won by TF 16-0 over Todd Williams Mussleman
132 Matt Raines won by TF 16-3 over Dane Robbins Robinson
138 Trevor Marable lost 3-0 to Jarod Jones Washington
145 Michael Villalobos won by pin over Kevin Becker Millbrook
152 Andrew Smith won 4-2 over Jose Gutierrez Manassas Park
160 Erick Lemus lost by pin to Danny Arndt Mussleman
182 Max Strum won 5-2 over Dan Mika Robinson
285 Justin Sanker vs. Bye

Round notes: Fauquier went 7-3 with 2 pins and 2 Tech. Fall and a Bye.

106 Caleb Strum won by pin over Caleb Garber Freedom
113 Daniel Ariola vs. Bye
120 Jake Hilleary won by pin over Alex Kleinsmith Freedom
126 Garrett Tingen lost 15-3 to Noah Goss Skyline
132 Matt Raines won 6-3 over Dane Robbins Robinson
138 Trevor Marable won pin over Garret Moddy Freedom
145 Michael Villalobos won 4-1 over Josiah Huston Skyline
152 Andrew Smith lost by pin to Csenar Jake Kellam
160 Erick Lemus lost by pin to Zak Despasquale Robinson
182 Max Strum won 11-1 over RJ Wilson Washington
285 Justin Sanker lost by pin to Jacob Pinkston Robinson

Round notes: Fauquier went 6-4 with 1 pins and a Bye as they advanced 4 to the Championship Finals.

Champion Pool
113 Daniel Ariola won 8-0 over Drew Holden Franklin County
132 Matt Raines won OT 6-4 over Kody Kernan Mussleman
145 Michael Villalobos lost 1-0 to Timmy Antonelli Kellam
182 Max Strum won 4-0 over Derick Kromer Franklin County

113 Daniel Ariola lost 2-0 to Bryce Gentry Colonial Forge
132 Matt Raines lost 1-0 to Tyler Cross Washington
145 Michael Villalobos lost 5-1 to Tony Neis Colonial Forge
182 Max Strum won 4-3 over Zach Martinez Colonial Forge

4th Pool
106 Caleb Strum won by pin Greyson Olimpo Robinson
138 Trevor Marable won 3-0 over Brian Vetal Osbourn
285 Justin Sanker lost by pin to Javier Rodriguez Osbourn

106 Caleb Strum lost 10-1 to Matt Duffany Kellam
138 Trevor Marable lost by pin to Avery Henry Robinson
285 Justin Sanker lost 14-3 to Walter Artrip Millbrook

7th Pool
120 Jake Hilleary lost by pin to Ralph Mpanu Robinson
126 Garrett Tingen won by TF-pin over Steven Edwards Washington
152 Andrew Smith lost by pin to Josh Blackwell Washington

120 Jake Hilleary lost by pin to Gilbert Rodriguez Manassas Park
126 Garrett Tingen won by pin over Freddy Gray Osbourn
152 Andrew Smith lost by pin to Sean Murphy Colonial Forge

10th Pool
160 Erick Lemus vs. Bye
160 Erick Lemus lost TF 15-0 to Max Ketcherside Kellam

Final Round notes: Max Strum wins the season Elite Opener as Fauquier had two 2nd place finishes and one 3rd place.

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