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The 2020 All Time Greatest Moments and Achievements
by: Ted Proctor

2020 State Finals (182) Sam Fisher in Action during the State Finals and becomes the first to win the States 4X, Regions 4X, and District Championships 4X for Fauquier HS. and Fauquier County.

As the Fauquier Falcons continued to load the 2019-20 wrestling season schedule with top Nationally ranked wrestling tournaments (Ironman, Beast of the East, Virginia Duals, and Mount Mat Madness) Coach Fisher and Company have been down this road over the past season and knew what was expected to prepare for 2020 post season and state title run.

With senior leadership coming from Sam Fisher and Gino Camarca, their efforts to make everyone accountable and meeting ending season goals (to win a State Championship) had the Falcons once again peaking at the end of the regular season.

Everyone sets goals but team Fauquier took on the guidance of the captains to drive the team towards the postseason sweeping each of the three level District, Region, and State Championships.

Even though team Fauquier had a 6-1 District Duals record during the season, a closer review of the box scores during the month of January most certainly showed a parallel of the dominance over the Northwestern District teams.

While team Fauquier brought home their only in-season trophy at the John Champe Cancer Classic in January, this very well may have been the correct fuel needed to kick start the Falcons into the remarkable postseason run.

A Brief History of All Time Greatest Moments and Achievements

The All Time Greatest Moments and Achievements list goes from 43 moments in 2019 to 49 in 2020 - Currently adding 7 moments to the list. But for the first time we had to adjust one line item as Sam Fisher improved on a 3X State Champion to a 4X State Champion in 2020.

While team Fauquier won their first Virginia State Championships title in 2015 this Moments and Achievements list became public with 25 moments right out the gate.

In 2016 the moments improved to 31 moments, in 2017 four were added to the list to 35, while in 2018 it rose to 40 achievements.

To win a State Championship and to place at any high Nationals wrestling tournament it should always have a claim to make the Greatest Moments and Achievements board.

Winning the State Championships for a third time 2020, 2016, and 2015 and earning runner-up status four times Fauquier has continued to sustain a grid lock of one of the most successful 4A wrestling programs in the State of Virginia since 2014.

2019-2020 Moments and Achievements

We will start and highlight the newly added Moments and Achievements to the board as I am going to present them in descending order.

New 49. Over the past 10 years Fauquier Times sport media has published a yearly Top 10 or Top 20 sports moments. Fauquier wrestling took a spot on the list each of those years. – 2010-2019

   Fauquier Wrestling Reigns in the Fauquier Times Top Sport Stories of the Decade by: Ted Proctor - 1-07-2019

To be honest, Fauquier has no control over number 49 but to be in the mist and to have Fauquier Time newspaper look at the Fauquier wrestling team each year for a decade should earn a slot on the list.

New 23. Winning the 4A Region Championship with 6 Individual Champs and Most Regional Champs in school history (DJ Richards, Gino Camarca, Eric DeWald, Sam Fisher, Ben Bell, and Thomas Heisler) – 2020

   Mission Accomplished Fauquier Wins Region with 6 Individual Champs by: Ted Proctor - 2-17-2020

Fauquier had five years (2017, 2014, 2011, 2010, and 2009) where they had four individual Region Champions and in 2018 the Falcons earned five Champions. Capturing the 2020 Region Champions and having six individual Regional Champions is an incredible accomplishment and most certainly hard to match. It also showed that team Fauquier was continuing to improve dramatically in the postseason.

New 16. Six District Champs in a 19-Point come from behind Northwestern District Championship to Remember – 2020

   Six District Champs in a 19-Point come from behind Championship to Remember by: Ted Proctor - 2-11-2020

Team Fauquier held a second place to Liberty HS. after the first round of wrestling and going into NW District Championship Finals. While team Fauquier went 6 of 7 in the District Finals, with four weight classes remaining Fauquier need to sweep them and needed bonus points. With a less than a 1% chance to obtain the District crown team Fauquier earned pins to capture the 2020 Championship.

New 9. Three 4A Individual State Champs (DJ Richards, Gino Camarca, and Sam Fisher) all earning pins in the finals - 2020

Fauquier has had three individual State Champions twice before in 2014 and 2015. Even in 2018 when Fauquier had five state finalists, the Falcons could only win two individual state champions then. Fauquier showed complete dominance in 2020 winning three of the four state final bouts all by pin which was simply amazing.

New 7. Sam Fisher 2X Placer at the Walsh Jesuit Ironman - 2018 and 2019

Making the Semi-Finals in both his junior and senior years (2018 and 2019) Fisher placed at this Nationally ranked tournament. USA wrestling also classifies Walsh Jesuit Ironman as the number one scholastic HS wrestling tournament in the country. Being a 2X placer at Ironman prove to hold a spot on this All Time Greatest list.

New 4. Sam Fisher becomes the first wrestler in Fauquier Co. to win the States 4X, Regions 4X, and District Championships 4X, while earning bonuses in all post season matches except his freshmen State Final match - 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020

Sam Fisher becomes the first Fauquier wrestler in Fauquier County to win the State Champions 4X. Box score of his past four years State Finals:

160 Sam Fisher 3-0 decision over Matt Laird (Eastern View) – 2017
170 Sam Fisher fall over Clay Foster (Jefferson Forest) – 2018
182 Sam Fisher tech fall over Samuel Feliciano (Smithfield) – 2019
182 Sam Fisher fall over Josh Brooks (Amherst County) – 2020

Fun Fact: As a Freshmen DJ Richards wins the District, Regionals, and State Championship in 2020 which puts him on a similar path as Fisher.

New 1. 4A State Championship Title – 16-man bracket, 7 wrestlers in the Semi-Finals, 4 in Finals and 3 champs with 170.5 pts – 2020

   Fisher, Camarca max out and carry Falcons to a State Championship Title by: Ted Proctor - 2-27-2020

Team Fauquier was clearly prepared and showed they were ready to wrestle at the State Championships while earning 19 earned pins - most by any team. Placing eight wrestlers proved that the Regional mission the week before turned into Fisher and Camarca maxing out and leading team Fauquier to its third State Wrestling title.

As team Fauquier has earned a Virginia State Championship in 2015 and 2016 one the of the biggest reasons the 2020 State Championships holds the number one spot over the other two State titles was simply the depth of team Great Bridge, Liberty, and Eastern View. All teams had an army of wrestlers while the State Brackets held a 16-man field verses the 2015 and 2016 state bracket which were set at an 8-man bracket.

Yes, winning the first team State Championship is always special, do not get me wrong. But to simply have a team change its mind set entering the 2020 post season and to witness the team win matches in the first and second round of the State Championship while earning bonus was unprecedented.

Holding a close lead through day one of the State Tournament showed that nothing was going to deny the Falcons as pins continued in the Championship Finals to capture the 2020 State Championships.

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