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Matt Raines is Champion and MVP of MMM
by: Ted Proctor - 12-31-2014
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    Fauquier @ Mount Mat Madness
Team results
John Carroll 204.5
Fauquier 163.5
Mt St Joseph 143.5
Urbana 128.5
Brentsville Dis 123.5
Georgetown Prep 123.0
Mountain View 115.5
Centreville 114.0
Oscar Smith 110.0
Queen of Peace 103.5
Middletown 94.0
Loyola 80.0
Glenelg 80.0
Pallotti 75.0
CD Hylton 69.5
Boys Latin 63.5
Archbishop Spal 63.5
South County HS 58.5
Leonardtown 58.0
Gonzaga 56.5
Hanover HS 54.5
St Georges HS 53.5
Severn 35.0
Gilman 35.0
Reservoir HS 32.0
Edison HS 27.0
St Marys 25.0
Appoquinimink 19.5
Severna Park 17.0
St Josephs Acad 13.0
Bohemia Manor 11.0
On Dec. 29th and 30th the Fauquier Wrestling team traveled to Cantonsville Maryland for the 11th Annual Mount Mat Madness wrestling tournament. Having eight byes and only going 3-2 during the first round of the 31 team event the Falcons battled for two days to once again have team holding hardware – the 2nd place trophy. To do this earning team points each round must occur and as the last match came to an end Matt Raines was also holding the tournament MVP trophy.

An event that drew teams from Maryland metropolitan area with a few of Virginia schools as well. Having a Falcon winning the event last year (Daniel Ariola) and to put two Falcons in the finals Matt Raines and Garrett Tingen this year, you had a feeling that the team would once again have another MMM Champion.

MMM Individual Highlights: Senior Matt Raines had a great weekend by winning the 138 lbs weight class. Raines won his finals with a 4-1 victory over Eric Hong of Georgetown Prep. Raines ended the day going 5-0. Garrett Tingen who is wrestling 152 lbs lost a close 8-6 final match to Morgan Way of Urbana.

Team also had four wrestlers that earn 5th place honors: Daniel Ariola, Kyle Roche, Clifford Harrison, Vito Camarca. Klye Budd and Erick Lemus took 6th place and Andrew Smith placed 7th.

What’s Next: The Falcons will look to hit the mat the beginning of 2015 on Saturday Jan. 3rd for the Battlefield Duals at Colonial Forge HS, Stafford VA. This will be an dual team tournament. The following week the Falcons then will travel to Virginia Duals Hampton Col., Hampton VA on Jan. 10th and 11th.

Below will show more results of Fauquier Falcons by rounds.

    2nd Place at MMM XI
   picture taken by Debbie Raines
Day #2 results:
138 Matt Raines - 1st place and MVP
152 Garrett Tingen - 2nd place

Championship Finals
138 Matt Raines won 4-1 over Eric Hong (Georgetown Prep)
152 Garrett Tingen lost 8-6 to Morgan Way (Urbana)

5th and 6th placement
113 Kyle Budd lost 14 -1 Kumasi Johnso (Oscar Smith) - 6th place
120 Daniel Ariola won 7-3 over Logan Arneson (Urbana) - 5th place
132 Kyle Roche won 5-3 over Jake Chilson (St Georges) - 5th place
160 Clifford Harrison won 7-6 over Zack Parker (Brentsville Dis) - 5th place
170 Vito Camarca won by Forfeit over Cody Gladfelter (Hanover) - 5th place
182 Eric Lemus lost 9-3 to William Sorey (Oscar Smith) - 6th place

7th and 8th placement
195 Andrew Smith win by pin over Joe Santangelo, (Boys Latin) - 7th place

Round Notes: Fauquier went 6-3.

Cons. Semi Finals
113 Kyle Budd lost 2-1 OT to Tony Lattanze (Brentsville Dis)
120 Daniel Ariola lost 5-1 to Joshua Grossnickle (Middletown)
132 Kyle Roche lost 12-8 to Michael Vu (Centreville)
160 Clifford Harrison lost 13-2 to Nick Moreno (Loyola)
170 Vito Camarca lost 8-1 to Jake Ward (CD Hylton)
182 Eric Lemus lost by pin to Billy Cornwell (Brentsville Dis)

Round Notes: none

Championship Semi-Finals
120 Daniel Ariola lost 8-1 to Kyle Trybus (Mt St Joseph)
132 Kyle Roche lost 4-3 to Ethan Krause (Georgetown Prep)
138 Matt Raines won 3-0 over Kayleb Forsythe (Leonardtown)
152 Garrett Tingen won by pin over Andrew Lee (Leonardtown)

Round Notes: Fauquier went 2-2 with 1 pin.

Cons. Round #5
113 Kyle Budd won 6-1 over Colin Walker (St Georges HS)
160 Clifford Harrison won 7-3 over Justin Farris (Mountain View)
170 Vito Camarca won by pin over Noah Hippolyte (Oscar Smith)
182 Eric Lemus won 3-2 over Hunter Albertson (South County)
195 Andrew Smith lost 3-0 to Logan Rill (Mt St Joseph)

Round Notes: Fauquier went 4-1 with 1 pin.

    Matt Raines 1st Place
   picture taken by Debbie Raines
Day 1 Team scores
John Carroll 124.5
Fauquier 108.5

Day #1 results:
Championship Round #1
106 Joe DelGall vs. Bye
113 Kyle Budd vs. Bye
120 Daniel Ariola vs. Bye
132 Kyle Roche vs. Bye
138 Matt Raines vs. Bye
145 Franco Camarca lost 3-2 to Thomas Runner (Pallotti)
152 Garrett Tingen vs. Bye
160 Clifford Harrison vs. Bye
170 Vito Camarca won by pin over Patrick Rives (Gonzaga)
182 Eric Lemus won 3-1 over Hunter Albertson (South County)
195 Andrew Smith vs. Bye
220 Ian Carrillo won by pin over Joey Bagley (Hanover)
285 Thomas Palmer lost by pin to Jordan Brooks (Centreville)

Round Notes: Fauquier went 3-2 with 2 pins and 8 byes.

Championship Round #2
106 Joe DelGall lost 7-2 to Cole Brown (Gilman)
113 Kyle Budd won 10- 2 over Cody Swigart (Urbana)
120 Daniel Ariola won 12-3 over Newton Davis (Pallotti)
132 Kyle Roche won by pin over Eric Ashton (John Carroll)
138 Matt Raines won by pin over Joe Clancy (Gonzaga)
152 Garrett Tingen won by pin over Justin Barnes (Hanover)
160 Clifford Harrison won 4-0 over Will Davis (Middletown)
170 Vito Camarca won by pin over Will Campbell (Bohemia Manor)
182 Eric Lemus won 12 -1 over Yasin Peppers (Queen of Peace)
195 Andrew Smith won 3-0 over Francis Ahenkora (South County)
220 Ian Carrillo lost by pin to Jake Nordhausen (Loyola)

Round Notes: Fauquier went 9-2 with 4 pins.

Cons. Round #1
145 Franco Camarca vs. Bye
285 Thomas Palmer vs. Bye

Round Notes: 2 byes no matches.

Cons. Round #2
106 Joe DelGall won by Tech Fall over Cameron Green (Appoquinimink)
145 Franco Camarca won 7-1 over Josh Meldrum (Brentsville Dis)
220 Ian Carrillo won by pin over Tyler Ecker (Reservoira)
285 Thomas Palmer won 3-0 over Thomas Kerner (St Marys)

Round Notes: Team went 4-0 with 1 pin

Championship Quarters
113 Kyle Budd lost 9-0 to Robert Garnett (Edison)
120 Daniel Ariola won 5-0 over Nick Malinowski (Boys Latin)
132 Kyle Roche won 4-0 over Trent Kilcarr (Reservoi)
138 Matt Raines won 12-0 over Jonathan Watson (Mountain View)
152 Garrett Tingen won by pin over Joey Rocca (Queen of Peace)
160 Clifford Harrison lost 10-8 OT to Brian Dailey (Urbana)
170 Vito Camarca lost 4-2 to Marquis Fogle (South County)
182 Eric Lemus lost 3-2 to Zuriel Yi (Mountain View)
195 Andrew Smith lost by pin to Hunter Ritter (John Carroll)

Round Notes: Fauquiet went 4-5

Cons. Round #3
106 Joe DelGall won 13-7 over Reese Kilcarr (Reservoi)
145 Franco Camarca won by pin over Barry Carpenter (Oscar Smith)
220 Ian Carrillo lost by pin to Tony Bilson (South County)
285 Thomas Palmer 5-3 win over Dominic Jordan (Oscar Smith)

Round Notes: Fauquier went 3-1.

Cons. Round #4
106 Joe DelGall lost 15-0 Tech Fall to Luke Strappelli (John Carroll)
113 Kyle Budd won 10-0 over Sean Farran (Middletown)
145 Franco Camarca lost 2-1 to Mike Pearson (Archbishop Spal)
160 Clifford Harrison won by pin over Max Sotka (Glenel)
170 Vito Camarca won by pin over Ron Tuck (Appoquinimink)
182 Eric Lemus won 7-2 over Nick Nordhausen (Loyola)
195 Andrew Smith won by pin over Jack Mckgurk (Brentsville Dis)
285 Thomas Palmer lost by pin to Bryan Thomas (Brentsville Dis)

Round Notes: Team went 5-3. At the end of day 1 team is in 2nd place. 9 wrestlers are still alive

Individual Results
106 Joe DelGall 2-2
113 Kyle Budd 3-3 - 6th place
120 Daniel Ariola 3-2 - 5th place
132 Kyle Roche 3-2 - 5th place
138 Matt Raines 4-0 - 1st place
145 Franco Camarca 2-2
152 Garrett Tingen 3-1- 2nd place
160 Clifford Harrison 4-2 - 5th place
170 Vito Camarca 5-2 - 5th place
182 Eric Lemus 4-3 - 6th place
195 Andrew Smith 3-2 - 7th place
220 Ian Carrillo 2-2
285 Thomas Palmer 2-2

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