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Fauquier goes 5-0 and wins host tournament
by: Ted Proctor - 12-31-2011
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For 12 years Fauquier has hosted the Falcon Duals where they have traditionally had five other wrestling teams come into the nest of the Falcons to compete in a 5 round head-to-head dual meet. At the end of the day, this holiday wrestling tournament hands out a 1st and 2nd place team trophy and 1st and 2nd individual medals (at each weight class). With Fauquier already competing in three away meets with some great season success thus far (earning 1st place in two of the three meets), the Falcons now found themselves flapping their wings in front of the local Fauquier Nation fans hosting their first home meet this season. Yes the Falcons did put on a show dominating each round; all one has to do is to look at the box scores to see the point margin as the team now improves on its undefeated 10-0 season.

   1st place at Falcon Duals
Coach Fisher once again took steps to shuffle the starting line-up around for this event by bumping eight wrestlers up from 106 through 152 weight class. This does not occur often as it can sometimes back fire but somehow Coach Fisher knew his team would step up to this challenge. In the end the team did respond well as four wrestlers finished in first place: Matt Raines at 120, Chuck Hilleary at 138, Tyler Budd at 145, Seth Baker at 160, and Evan Oddenino at 285. Six other Falcons that fell short with one loss also ended the day with hardware taking second place: Marco Tcheukado at 113, Bennett Payne at 132, Landon Dean at 152, Max Strum at 170, Aldair Ramos 182, and Henry Weber at 195.

Fauquier started the day simply running through Culpeper 65-12 in round 1. Culpeper's only two victories came from the two forfeits that Fauquier forfeited (106 and 220) as the Falcons won each head-to-head match.

Round two witnessed Fauquier thumping (AAA) Osbourn 55 to 15. A team that the Falcons saw earlier this season at Skyline Elite Opener only gave a test to Fauquier at 119 and 132. During this match Coach Fisher also jockeyed Henry Weber up to the 220 pound weight class as Henry earned a pin over Luke Henry. Coach Fisher moving Henry up a weight class created a double forfeit at 195 and made sense since no points were lost in the move.

The biggest test for the Falcons for the day came in round three where the Falcons wrestled Rockbridge. Fauquier won 49-24 over Rockbridge as the Falcons earned four pins that sealed home this victory. One of the key matches for Fauquier was the 170 pound match between Fauquier's Max Strum and Quentin Youngblood. Youngblood currently is one of the top ranked kids in the state and he beat Max Strum in a close 5-1 match.

The final two rounds, round four and five saw more of the same hard nose wrestling from Coach Fisher's squad as Fauquier continued to get their arm raised match after match by beating Jefferson Forest 48-9 and (AAA) Oakton 52-15. There was no let down with team Fauquier as the home fans were treated to some great wrestling.

This is the first time that we have seen that you have shifted haft the team up a weight class. It seemed to work out but what was the purpose for this?
Coach Fisher: Coming off of the holidays we had a few guys traveling, missing practice, etc. That makes making weight a much greater challenge than normal. Wrestling up a weight class is also an additional challenge. I chose to challenge them on the mat, not on the scale.

Now that the team is 10-0 and you have won three different wrestling tournaments can you reflect on the season thus far?
Coach Fisher: Even though we have been very successful thus far, this has been a very challenging year. We have yet to have our full lineup in place, and will continue to be shorthanded until later this month. The up-side is that some of the younger guys have had a chance to step into the lineup and get some great varsity experience.

In Coach Fishers eyes who seems to be the kid on your team who has improved the most since the season started?
Coach Fisher: I cant narrow it down to just one. I think that Marco Tcheukado has made huge gains since last season, while Tyler Budd has really come on strong the last 3 weeks.

You have some district matches forth coming and two big tournaments on the schedule within the next two weeks; any concerns with the team with these upcoming meets?
Coach Fisher: The Millbrook tournament looks like it will be a good challenge for us with returning AAA state champs Robinson and some tough kids from Millbrook, and St. Chris. I am looking forward to seeing how we handle the tough competition coming off of the Christmas break.

Some special guests from the past also showed up to see the team in action; Van Grimes, Jake Fahlfeder, and Conner Miller all were home from college and came by to support the Falcons on the bench. Also to host an event like the Falcon Duals, Fauquier Nation would like to thank all the volunteer help for assisting with this event.

Next Meet: You can see Fauquier once again as the team will be hosting a District Tri meet this Wednesday, Jan 4th.

Below is the results of the Falcon Duals.

Round 1
Fauquier 65 Culpeper 12
Osbourn 35 Rockbridge 42
Jefferson Forest 57 Oakton 16

Round 2
Fauquier 55 Osbourn 15
Rockbridge 46 Oakton 24
Culpeper 17 Jefferson Forest 63

Round 3
Fauquier 49 Rockbridge 24
Osbourn 36 Jefferson Forest 31
Culpeper 36 Oakton 43

Round 4
Fauquier 48 Jefferson Forest 9
Rockbridge 43 Culpeper 28
Osbourn 39 Oakton 37

Round 5
Fauquier 52 Oakton 15
Osbourn 39 Culpeper 28
Rockbridge 34 Jefferson Forest 36

Individual record
113 Marco Tcheukado 4-1
120 Matt Raines 5-0
126 Michael Villalobos 3-1
132 Bennett Payne 4-1
138 Chuck Hilleary 4-0
138 Nick Geier 1-0
145 Tyler Budd 5-0
152 Landon Dean 4-1
160 Seth Baker 5-0
170 Max Strum 4-1
182 Aldair Ramos 4-1
195 Henry Weber 4-1
285 Evan Oddenino 5-0

Rd 1 Fauquier vs Culpeper - Individual Results
106 Forfeit
113 Marco Tcheukado won by pin over Andrew McIntyre
120 Matt Raines won by forfeit
126 Michael Villalobos won by pin over Tim Moy
132 Bennett Payne won 9-2 over Jaded Engh
138 Chuck Hilleary won by pin over Laurel Engh
145 Tyler Budd won by pin over Sam Johnson
152 Landon Dean won by pin over Dartagnan Dwyer
160 Seth Baker by forfeit
170 Max Strum by forfeit
182 Aldair Ramos won 5-3 OT over Cody Vick
195 Henry Weber won by pin over Dakota Brackenridge
220 Forfeit
285 Evan Oddenino won 15-0 TF over Wyatt Carroll

Rd 2 Fauquier vs Osbourn - Individual Results
113 Marco Tcheukado lost 4-3 to Herbert Berios
120 Matt Raines won by pin over Carlos Pereria
126 Michael Villalobos won by forfeit
132 Bennett Payne lost by pin to Nathan Tabelon
138 Nick Geier won 13-0 over Kyle Hollcroft
145 Tyler Budd won 2-1 over Jocob Olave
152 Landon Dean won by pin over Jaccee Quisp
160 Seth Baker won by forfeit
170 Max Strum won by forfeit
182 Aldair Ramos won by forfeit
195 Double forfeit
220 Henry Weber won by pin over Luke Henry
285 Evan Oddenino won by pin over Javier Rodrigues
106 Forfeit

Rd 3 Fauquier vs Rockbridge - Individual Results
120 Matt Raines won by forfeit
126 Michael Villalobos won by pin over Dillon Gattis
132 Bennett Payne won by pin over Adam Hoofangle
138 Chuck Hilleary won 6-4 over Loss Wagner
145 Tyler Budd won by pin over Matt Hoofnagle
152 Landon Dean lost 5-3 to Juda Bruce
160 Seth Baker won by pin over Josh Kyer
170 Max Strum lost 5-1 to Quentin Youngblood
182 Aldair Ramos lost by pin to Add Siler
195 Henry Weber won by forfeit 220 Forfiet
285 Evan Oddenino won by forfeit Allen Chappell
106 Forfiet
113 Marco Tcheukado won 13-2 over Nathan Sparks

Rd 4 Fauquier vs Jefferson Forest - Individual Results
126 Michael Villalobos lost 8-6 to Peyton Woodall
132 Bennett Payne won by forfeit
138 Chuck Hilleary won by pin over Taylor Almondwon
145 Tyler Budd won by pin over Caleb Prather
152 Landon Dean won 3-1 over Forrest Speaker
160 Seth Baker won 12-2 over Josh Bowyer
170 Max Strum won 6-5 over Alex Cox
182 Aldair Ramos win 5-0 over James Jackson
195 Henry Weber won 4-3 over Eric Wellman
220 Double forfeit
285 Evan Oddenino won by pin over Cody Graybil
106 Forfeit
113 Marco Tcheukado won 1-0 4OT over Brett Romanzak
120 Matt Raines won 16-0 TF over Joey Nigro

Rd 5 Fauquier vs Oakton -Individual Results
132 Bennett Payne won by forfeit
138 Chuck Hilleary won by pin over Thomas Price
145 Tyler Budd won 14-5 over Luis Rivera
152 Landon Dean won 5-1 over Albert Borges
160 Seth Baker won by pin over Matt Notarangelo
170 Max Strum won 12-7 over Matt Moskowitz
182 Aldair Ramos won by forfeit
195 Henry Weber lost by pin to Austin Murga
220 Forfeit
285 Evan Oddenino by forfeit
106 Double forfeit
113 Marco Tcheukado won by pin over Alex Sclegel
120 Matt Raines won by pin over Jesus Rivera
126 Michael Villalobos lost 6-3 to Eddie Gerow

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