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Fauquier posts 4 wins at Conference play
by: Ted Proctor - 1-20-2014
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   Team Fauquier
   Matt Raines 100 wins

pictures taken by Ted Proctor

On the morning of Saturday, Jan.18th that brought a slight snow dusting in the Warrenton area the Conference 22 Duals were set with four wrestling mats down on the gym floor.

Not only did Fauquier have to battle the cold elements outside this morning but also had the number one 4A ranked Eastern View HS to compete against at daysí end.

A day that had fans witnessing Matt Raines reaching his 100th career win was also followed by Fauquier running through district foe Chancellor (63-4), Courtland (63-18), King George (42-24), and county rival Liberty HS (53-21). This only had spectators really waiting for the match-up between Fauquier and Eastern View in round five. The first four matches for both teams could have been classified as a warm-up leading into the final round.

Folks it was a clash between two great wrestling programs as the school fire alarm would not separate these teams from competing against each other. A morning that may have brought Mayhem ended the day with two teams proving that they are the best teams in the 4A state.

All the credit needs to be given to Eastern View as they beat Fauquier 37 to 17 in their first ever meeting against each other. With many changes in a new VHSL alignment with all schools paired into conferences, Fauquier and Eastern View clearly have many high level state ranked wrestlers that should contend for the 4A state title.

As the 132 lb weight class would be the first bout loaded into trackwrestling.com, the battle of these teams would start with a key match-up that both teams were hoping for a win. But it would end with an unsportsmanlike conduct call leaving Fauquier in the hole. Again in all my years of wrestling, coaching, and now writing about it, once again I have never been witness to an event with a wrestling team having a negative score. Yes that is right a -1.

Coach Doug Fisher has been down this road before with team Fauquier and knows how to switch the gears-no panic button to push in these situations just minor adjustment. Growing pains that team Fauquier must overcome as the season moves forward.

Even though team Fauquier could only muster up four wins against Eastern View HS while three matches were declared by forfeits, five other matches would come down to the final seconds in some very tight and closing bouts.

Letís be clear, it's most likely going to come down to these two wrestling teams once again battling each other in the Conferences tournament, Regional, and then the 4A State meet. So a day that favored Eastern View which had both programs bumping wrestlers up to gain a better competitive advantage during the match, both teams now will ponder how the rest of the season will play out. What is noted from this point forward and as the Conference 22 Duals comes to end wrestlers will be seeded based on Conf. Dual record. One would expect that most wrestlers from Eastern View and Fauquier will square off and will go head to head again next month during the post season play.

Three Falcons went undefeated during the day by posting a 5-0 record: 126 Kyle Roche, 138 Matt Raines, and 145 Garrett Tingen- a sense of ďa job well doneĒ. Four other Falcons posted four wins for the day: 113 Daniel Ariola, 152 Clifford Harrison, 160 Vito Camarca, and 282 Andrew Smith-as all of these wrestlers simply have aided in the teamís success through the season thus far.

As team Fauquier continues on with its dual season meets their season dual record now stands at 10 and 4.

Results below were pulled from trackwrestling.com:

Track Wrestling

Conference 22 Duals

Round 1:
Fauquier defeats Chancellor 63 to 4

106 - Double Forfeit
113 - Daniel Ariola (Fauquier) over Unknown (Unattached)Forf
120 - Jake Hilleary (Fauquier) over Hunter Rankin (Chancellor ) Fall 1:34
126 - Kyle Roche (Fauquier) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
132 - Joe Cafiero (Chancellor ) over Trevor Marable (Fauquier) Maj 12-4
138 - Matt Raines (Fauquier) over Mark Weinstock (Chancellor ) Dec 6-3
145 - Garrett Tingen (Fauquier) over Vinny Cafiero (Chancellor ) Fall 3:59
152 - Clifford Harrison (Fauquier) over Joe Kreider (Chancellor ) Fall 5:32
160 - Vito Camarca (Fauquier) over Daniel Hess (Chancellor ) Fall 0:27
170 - Erick Lemus (Fauquier) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
182 - Andrew Smith (Fauquier) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
195 - Tyler Devers (Fauquier) over Stephen Brown (Chancellor ) Fall 1:48
220 - Tommy Palmer (Fauquier) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
285 - Double Forfeit

Round Notes: Fauquier went 11 and 1 with 5 pins.

Round 2:
Fauquier defeated Courtland 63-18

106 - DJ Ahalt (Courtland ) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
113 - Daniel Ariola (Fauquier) over Douglas Palacios (Courtland ) Fall 5:17
120 - Jake Hilleary (Fauquier) over Jawaun Powell (Courtland ) Fall 0:25
126 - Kyle Roche (Fauquier) over Tim Bailey (Courtland ) Fall 3:14
132 - Trevor Marable (Fauquier) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
138 - Matt Raines (Fauquier) over Jon Hokenson (Courtland ) Fall 0:50
145 - Garrett Tingen (Fauquier) over Tristen King (Courtland ) Fall 2:55
152 - Clifford Harrison (Fauquier) over Jace Cornell (Courtland ) Fall 0:54
160 - Vito Camarca (Fauquier) over Dakota Holladay (Courtland ) Fall 0:43 170 - Erick Lemus (Fauquier) over Jake Zyvoloski (Courtland ) Dec 8-4
182 - Andrew Smith (Fauquier) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
195 - Tyler Devers (Fauquier) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
220 - Joe Tyson (Courtland ) over Tommy Palmer (Fauquier) Fall 2:29
285 - Darius Roman (Courtland ) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Round Notes: Fauquier went 11 and 1 with 7 pins.

Round 3:
Fauquier defeated King George 42-24

106 - Logan Kraisser (King George ) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
113 - Daniel Ariola (Fauquier) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
120 - Kolin Johnson (King George ) over Jake Hilleary (Fauquier) Dec 11-7
126 - Kyle Roche (Fauquier) over Trevor Smith (King George ) TF 15-0
132 - Trevor Marable (Fauquier) over Kaleb Sabo (King George ) Maj 12-0
138 - Matt Raines (Fauquier) over Ron Bell (King George ) Fall 2:27
145 - Garrett Tingen (Fauquier) over Kyle Kraisser (King George ) Fall 1:44
152 - Clifford Harrison (Fauquier) over Bryson Howard (King George ) Dec 8-1
160 - Vito Camarca (Fauquier) over Calvin Kim (King George ) Fall 0:54
170 - Jacob Tucker (King George ) over Erick Lemus (Fauquier) Fall 2:40
182 - Andrew Smith (Fauquier) over Aaron Goode (King George ) Fall 0:31
195 - Double Forfeit
220 - Mark Bostjanick (King George ) over Tyler Devers (Fauquier) Fall 3:16
285 - Regan Clark (King George ) over Tommy Palmer (Fauquier) Dec 7-2

Round Notes: Fauquier went 9 and 3 with 4 pins.

Round 4:
Fauquier defeated Liberty 53-21

106 - ANTHONY RAMIRZE (Liberty ) over Unknown
(Unattached) Forf
113 - Daniel Ariola (Fauquier) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
120 - Jake Hilleary (Fauquier) over JAYSON CODY (Liberty ) Fall 3:09
126 - Kyle Roche (Fauquier) over WYATT POTTER (Liberty ) Fall 1:40
132 - Trevor Marable (Fauquier) over GEORGE NGHO (Liberty ) Dec 7-5
138 - Matt Raines (Fauquier) over PATRICK EWELL (Liberty ) Fall 0:57
145 - Garrett Tingen (Fauquier) over GAVIN ANDERSON (Liberty ) TF 16-0
152 - Clifford Harrison (Fauquier) over JACOB SCHREINER (Liberty ) Fall 1:30
160 - Vito Camarca (Fauquier) over CAMERON YATES (Liberty ) Fall 1:23
170 - Erick Lemus (Fauquier) over RECO BUMBREY (Liberty ) Dec 5-2
182 - Andrew Smith (Fauquier) over STEVEN HALSEY (Liberty ) Fall 2:42
195 - TJ Hogan (Liberty ) over Tyler Devers (Fauquier) Fall 0:16
220 - CARDER YURGAITIS (Liberty ) over Tommy Palmer (Fauquier) Dec 6-3
285 - TODD PARKER (Liberty ) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Round Notes: Fauquier went 10 and 2 with 5 pins.

Round 5:
Fauquier falls to Eastern View 37-17

106 - Lexi Nalls (Eastern View) over Unknown (Unattached)
Forf 113 - Double Forfeit
120 - Yarhoski Aldiva (Eastern View) over Daniel Ariola (Fauquier) Dec 9-7
126 - Kyle Roche (Fauquier) over Brett Shurina (Eastern View) Fall 2:21
132 - Nathaniel Aldiva (Eastern View) over Trevor Marable (Fauquier) Dec 4-3 -1 for unsportsman like conduct
138 - Matt Raines (Fauquier) over Bryan Ramey (Eastern View) Dec 5-1
145 - Garrett Tingen (Fauquier) over Kevin Willems (Eastern View) Inj 2:32
152 - Austin Jenkins (Eastern View) over Clifford Harrison (Fauquier) Dec 12-5
160 - Logan Shurina (Eastern View) over Vito Camarca (Fauquier) Maj 12-3
170 - Tyler Keen (Eastern View) over Erick Lemus (Fauquier) Dec 3-1
182 - Caleb Weaver (Eastern View) over Andrew Smith (Fauquier) Dec 6-4
195 - Cullen Burnett (Eastern View) over Tyler Devers (Fauquier) Fall 1:27
220 - Carrington Travers (Eastern View) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
285 - Tommy Palmer (Fauquier) over Dion Rector (Eastern View) Dec 2-0

Individual Results
113 Daniel Ariola 4-1
120 Jake Hilleary 3-1
126 Kyle Roche 5-0
132 Trevor Marable 3-2
138 Matt Raines 5-0
145 Garrett Tingen 5 -0
152 Clifford Harrison 4-1
160 Vito Camarca 4-1
170 Erick Lemus 3-2
182 Andrew Smith 4-1
195 Tyler Devers 2-3
220 Thomas Palmer 2-3

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