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Fauquier goes 1-2 and gets tested at the Virginia Duals
by: Ted Proctor - 1-14-2013
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   Team Fauquier
   picture taken by Amber Gates
As the 33rd Virginia Duals comes to a close and to have Fauquier participate in this Grand Daddy of all wrestling tournaments for the 7th straight year, fans inside the Hampton Coliseum were kept on edge. To understand it you have to see it and live it. Hosted by the Peninsula Wrestling Association (PWA), The Virginia Duals is enriched with much history nested right at the midway of the wrestling season. The Duals brings in some of the best teams from all across the state and the country to battle head-to-head right alongside the elite college wrestling programs in a dual team tournament. Although it has not been an easy year for Coach Fisher as key starters have been out with injuries, the Falcons had much to gain by attending and displaying to all their talented and seasoned wrestlers.

   106 Caleb Strum
   113 Daniel Ariola
   126 Garrett Tingen
   132 Matt Raines
   138 Clifford Harris
   152 Andrew Smith
   195 Max Strum
   126 Garrett Tingen
   pictures taken by Amber Gates

Over the years Fauquier had competed in the top level National HS Division and as of the past two years have wrestled in the America HS Divisions as the Falcons took a 2nd place finish in 2010. The 2013 Virginia Duals placed Fauquier in the Black and Blue HS. Division as this was really the first time that Fauquier had ever been aligned to compete in the high school division. A closer look at the 48 teams showed the common person that there were obviously more out of state power house teams that had entered this national ranked tournament then in past years. Simply taking a closer look at the Black and Blue Division, you found teams like AAA Nansemond River, AA Poquoson, AA Eastern View, AAA Princess Anne, AA Tabb, and AAA Western Branch that currently have many state ranked kids that sprinkle among each of these squads. One could also agree that this yearís Black and Blue Division low level division could have been one of the toughest it has ever been. But not here to talk about toughness yet simply Fauquier wrestling.

Seeded number 1 Fauquier faced off against Phoebus in the first round as they won the match 60 to 21 with no major problems. But in the next round of the championship quarters, Fauquier had the lead through the whole match but did not have enough muscle to hold onto the win over Nansemond River with a 33 to 38 final. The Falcons then found themselves on the consolation side of the Black and Blue bracket matched-up against AA Tabb High School. Again just like the last match Fauquier jumped out to an early lead and held it going into the 285lb match where the score was 33 to 28 favoring Fauquier. But Fauquier could not hold off Tabb as they fell 33 to 34 to end the dual tournament for the Falcons. In both of these loses Fauquier worked hard on the mat and went 7 and 7 as the difference was sustaining and earning additional bonus points to extend some individuals match points. This is an area that Coach Fisher has been stressing to the team all year as they had come up short in these two matches.

Some great wrestling performances came from sophomore Daniel Ariola who had 1 pin, Freshmen Garrett Tingen who had 2 pins, senior Ben Brady who had 2 pins, and senior Max Strum who wrestled up at 195lb for all three of his matches and had 3 pins. All of these wrestlers went 3 and 0 while at the Duals and their effort showed. Three other wrestlers Caleb Strum, Jake Hilleary, and Matt Raines all went 2 and 1 and also assisted in the teamís ability to keep Fauquier in these matches. Coach Fisher in most cases had to shift Max Strum up to 195 classifications to best fit the teamís chances. Trying to align or match the teamís strength in a dual match with the opposing team at times can be tricky as every wrestler knows their role whenever the step on the mat--to win.

Even though the team ended up going 1-2 and was bumped out much to earlier than any Falcon wrestler wanted too, lacing and tying ones shoes before they step out on the wrestling mat and strives to work hard through an entire six minute match is this teams responsibility and oblation. History will show you that the Falcons will fight for every point. Simply reviewing each match will show areas for improvements as Coach Fisher and this 2012-13 team will have to review these missed opportunities and build on them. To prepare for the post season and the district, regional, and state tournament, the Virginia Duals is an over the top event that is in the path that aids in preparing each wrestler for the post season.

Fauquier Nation fans who attended the 2013 Virginia Duals must have had been thrilled to see the team battle and compete. To be center stage at the Duals you better come ready to wrestle and have talent and the supporting cast of 14 wrestlers to be successful in moving forward. To see and witness the stateís best brings on a trill and a belief that one must work harder to improve. The Falcons will take much away from this experience in hopes to come back next year to take stake at the Grand Daddy of all tournaments.

   132 Matt Raines
   138 Clifford Harris
   152 Andrew Smith
   195 Max Strum
   pictures taken by Amber Gates

Below is the match results of Fauquier at Falcons Virginia Duals.

Saturday 12 Noon Mat 7:
Fauquier 33 to 34 Tabb
106 Caleb Strum lost 3 to 17 to Kyle Boyd
113 Daniel Ariola won 4 to 2 over Richard Harrell
120 Jake Hilleary won by pin Speight William
126 Garrett Tingen won 8 to 4 over Derek Meyers
132 Matt Raines lost 3 to 4 Hunter Starner
138 Clifford Harris lost 10 to 11 to Tyler Andrews
145 Trevor Marable lost by pin to Bailey Hicks
152 Andrew Smith won by pin over Josh Pike
160 Ben Brady won by pin over Chris Howard
170 Erick Lemus won 11 to 6 over Zack Jordan
182 Tyler Devers lost by pin to Antwuan Hicks
195 Max Strum won by pin over Mo Brown
220 Thomas Palmer lost by pin to Dylan Clark
285 Justin Sanker lost by pin to Jacob Rose

Match notes: Fauquier went 7 and 7 with 4 pins.

Friday 9 PM Mat 1:
Fauquier 33 to 38 Nansemond River
106 Caleb Strum won 8-4 over Lacom Dawson
113 Daniel Ariola won 6-3 over Dante Craig
120 Jake Hilleary lost by pin to Nicholas Garland
126 Garrett Tingen won by pin over Hunter Hil
132 Matt Raines won by Forfeit
138 Clifford Harris won by pin over Graeme Beaman
145 Trevor Marable lost by pin Demetrius Ortiz
152 Andrew Smith lost 7-4 over Saquann Branch
160 Ben Brady won 7-0 over Daniel Clark
170 Erick Lemus lost 7-4 to Leon Lynch
182 Tyler Devers lost by pin Lori Lambert
195 Max Strum won by pin over Mike Carlin
220 Thomas Palmer lost by pin to Chandlar Coleman
285 Justin Sanker lost by pin to Caleb Repko

Match notes: Fauquier went 7 and 7 with 3 pins.

Friday 5 PM Mat 4:
Fauquier won 60 to 21 Phoebus
106 Caleb Strum won by pin over Asia Shaw
113 Daniel Ariola won by pin over Imari Ramirez
120 Jake Hilleary won by pin over Shawn Oliver
126 Garrett Tingen won by pin over Victor Washington
132 Matt Raines won by pin over Jarrod Brown
138 Trevor Marable won by Forfeit
145 Clifford Harris won by pin over Davis Richardson
152 Andrew Smith lost 11 to 7 to James Lampley
160 Ben Brady won by pin over Jason Dotts
170 Erick Lemus lost by pin to Aureus Jenkins
182 Tyler Devers lost by pin to Sami Dhamma
195 Max Strum won by pin over Evan Elder
220 Thomas Palmer lost by pin Corbin Doggette
285 Justin Sanker won by pin over Anthony Davile

Match notes: Fauquier went 10 and 4 with 9 pins

106 Caleb Strum 2-1
113 Daniel Ariola 3-0
120 Jake Hilleary 2-1
126 Garrett Tingen 3-0
132 Matt Raines 2-1
138 Clifford Harris. 2-1
145 Trevor Marable 1-2
152 Andrew Smith 1-2
160 Ben Brady 3-0
170 Erick Lemus 1-2
182 Tyler Devers 0-3
195 Max Strum 3-0
220 Thomas Palmer 0-3
285 Justin Sanker 1-2

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