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Huge Win for Tingen as Fauquier earns third place finish at the Elite Opener
by: Ted Proctor - 12-09-2014
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    Fauquier @ Skyline Elite Opener

As the 2014-15 season kicks off for the Fauquier Falcons they find the Elite Opener a measuring stick alongside the other top teams in the state. Currently Fauquier is ranked third in the state by the VAWA as team Fauquier earns third place with 325 points in this season opener event.

Placing third as a team last season once again team Fauquier proves to show that they have the depth to maintain champions. With twelve schools attending this tournament it groups wrestlers into three pools of four and after competing through the first three rounds wrestlers are then re-grouped into four different championship pools based on similar records. Team Fauquier qualified three wrestlers into the Championship Final pool and seven other wrestlers into the 4th placement pools.

For team Fauquier to earn a third place finish at the Elite Opener most certainly called for advancing wrestlers into the championship final pools and winning - as that what happened. But having seven Falcon wrestlers to take steak on winning at least two matches during the opening first three rounds could serve as the underline reason why team Fauquier finished in the top three at day’s end.

Daniel Ariola, Matt Raines, and Garrett Tingen were the three Falcon wrestlers that earned a bid to the Championship Final pools and as one looked back to last season it was these same three wrestlers that made the Elite finals then. As senior Daniel fell short in his two final matches to earn a 3rd place finish, Matt Raines showed complete control in his dominates on the mat by winning a 3-0 win over Trevor Watkins of Mountain View and a 5-1 win over David Giantonio from Christiansburg.

    Matt Raines 1st Place
   picture taken by Ted Proctor
    Garrett Tingen 1st Place
   picture taken by Ted Proctor
But the most exciting finals came on the heels of Matt Raines final match as Garrett Tingen and the 16th Nationally Ranked Corbin Allen from Hanover would battle for the 160lb Elite title. Both Garrett and Corbin earning a win over Taylor Rudnick St. Christopher`s which set the stage for two 4A State Champions from last season going head-to-head for the Elite Crown.

Right from the start both Garrett and Corbin exchanged shots as the score midway through the 1st period was 2-1 in favor of Allen – a take down by Allen and an escape from Tingen. Then and within the last 20 seconds of the 1st period controlling the front headlock Tingen rolled a low level upper body move which he was able to score a takedown on Allen straight to his back in a five point move - almost recording a pin during this flurry. But as the first period ended Corbin was able to get off his back and fight for an escape. The 1st period ended with the score of 6-3 as Tingen holding the lead.

As the second period started Tingen was on bottom as Allen was able to earn a near fall pushing the score to 6-5 still in favor of Tingen. The match would then go into the 3rd period as Tingen was on top. Working a cross face cradle pinning combination hold on Allen, Tingen sealed the match with a pin as the Skyline gym erupted with excitement.

Both Matt Raines and Garrett Tingen start the season going 5-0.

Other notable results from the Elite Opener came from 106lbs Joe DelGallo and 195lbs Andrew Smith who both went 4-1 and took a fourth place finish.

Q: Currently ranked 3rd in the state how did your team measure-up with the other teams at this event?

Coach Fisher: “I was really impressed with how Christiansburg and Forge wrestled as a team. I don’t think we had the type of position discipline, toughness and consistency that their complete teams displayed. The evidence is in the results.”

Q: Garrett Tingen earned four pins and had a crazy final match with Corbin Allen to win the Elite Opener any reflection on this match?

Coach Fisher: “You certainly don’t have to be a student of the sport to enjoy watching Garrett Tingen wrestle. He has a wide open style and is looking to score from every position. He never backs up, stalls, or just tries to hold onto leads. Few high school wrestlers are able to withstand the onslaught of attacks for 6 full minutes. With every day, there are fewer.”

Q: Are their areas of Improvements for team Fauquier?

Coach Fisher: “Many. Most of guys went out there and battled every minute. We have some guys who did not perform to their ability, and we will be working with those guys to get their minds in the right place to allow them to compete in a manner that we can all be proud of. Easier to address is the many positions that we were not performing at a high technical proficiently. We have much work to do to improve our positioning and execution.”

Next Meet: The Falcons will host the Falcon Duals next week on Saturday, Dec. 13.

Below are the team individual results from the Elite Opener.

    3rd Place at the Elite Opener
   picture taken by Ted Proctor
1. Colonial Forge 417.0
2. Christiansburg 409.0
3. Fauquier 325.0
4. Mountain view 263.0
5. St. Christopher`s 254.0
6. Hanover 247.0
7. Battlefield 230.0
8. Skyline 220.0
9. Benedictine 217.0
10. Robinson 191.0
11. Washington 141.0
12. Osbourn Park 87.0
13. John Handley 63.0

Championship Rounds

120 Daniel Ariola lost 6-4 OT to Marc Garofalo Colonial Forge
145 Matt Raines won 3-0 over Trevor Watkins Mountain View
160 Garrett Tingen won by pin Taylor Rudnick St. Christopher`s

120 Daniel Ariola lost 6-3 to M. Keller Christiansburg
145 Matt Raines won 5-1 over David Giantonio Christiansburg
160 Garrett Tingen won by pin over Corbin Allen Hanover

4th Place Rounds

106 Joe DelGallo won by pin over Andrew Craven Benedictine
113 Kyle Budd lost 4-0 to Liam Mairena Colonial Forge
132 Kyle Roche won 15-8 over Gage Levine Christiansburg
138 Caleb Strum lost 5-0 to Cameron Pine Washington
170 Vito Camarca won 5-4 over Jared Prazma Washington
182 Eric Lemus lost 5-2 to Jens Ames St. Christopher`s
195 Andrew Smith won 9-2 over Keith Sanker Skyline
285 Thomas Palmer won 5-1 over Damien Johnson Colonial Forge

106 Joe DelGallo won by pin Nick Landazuri Robinson
113 Kyle Budd lost 14-3 to Trevor Mello Battlefield
132 Kyle Roche lost 12-11 to Clay Smith Colonial Forge
138 Caleb Strum lost 4-0 to Jacob Hale St. Christopher`s
170 Vito Camarca lost 4-0 to John Fergusson St. Christopher`s
182 Eric Lemus lost by pin to Adam Anker Christiansburg
195 Andrew Smith won 7-0 over PJ Bowlin Washington
285 Thomas Palmer lost by pin to Ronnie Clifton Skyline

7th Place Rounds

126 Camden Franklin won by pin over Robert Presley Skyline
195 Ian Carillo won by InjD Alec Henderson Christiansburg
220 Tyler Dever won by pin over Derald Person Osbourn Park

126 Camden Franklin lost 10-0 Alex Schaefer Robinson
195 Ian Carillo lost 8-4 to Amar Husadzinovic Mountain view
220 Tyler Devers vs. bye

10th Place Rounds

152 Franco Camarca won by pin over Kameron Miller St. Christopher`s

152 Franco Camarca vs. bye

Round Notes:

Round #1

106 Joe DelGallo won by pin over Daniel Pfender Mountain View
113 Kyle Budd won by pin over Luke Wilson Washington
120 Daniel Ariola vs. bye
126 Camden Franklin lost by pin to Blake Linkous Christiansburg
132 Kyle Roche won 16-5 over Christopher Vasquez Mountain view
138 Caleb Strum lost 7-3 to Jonathan Watson Mountain view
145 Matt Raines won 15-0 TF over Tanner Hood St. Christopher`s
152 Franco Camarca lost 5-3 to Justin Farris Mountain view
160 Garrett Tingen won by pin over Carl Klimes Washington
170 Vito Camarca won 9-5 OT over Erik Eva Christiansburg
182 Eric Lemus won by pin over Isaiah Washington Skyline
195 Andrew Smith won by pin over Amar Husadzinovic Mountain view
195 Ian Carillo lost by pin to Carrington Lanier St. Christopher`s
220 Tyler Devers lost by pin to Charlie Caravati St. Christopher`s
285 Thomas Palmer won by pin over Talon Hill Washington

Round Notes: Fauquier went 9-5 with 1 bye. and 6 pins.

Round #2

106 Joe DelGallo vs. Bye
113 Kyle Budd lost 7-3 to Josh Linkous Christiansburg
120 Daniel Ariola won by pin over Curt Boswell Skyline
126 Camden Franklin lost by pinJosue Beltran Jr. Mountain view
132 Kyle Roche won 7 -1 Calvin Nisson Battlefield
138 Caleb Strum lost by pin to Noah Goss Skyline
145 Matt Raines won 13 -4 over Tyler Hazard Robinson
152 Franco Camarca lost 15-0 TF to Robert DuPont Benedictine
160 Garrett Tingen won by pin over Evan Brooks Robinson
170 Vito Camarca won 8-5 over Ronnie Williams Mountain view
182 Eric Lemus vs. bye
195 Andrew Smith vs. bye
195 Ian Carillo lost by pin to PJ Bowlin Washington
220 Tyler Devers vs. bye
285 Thomas Palmer won by pin over Tyler Green Christiansburg

Round Notes: Fauquier went 6-5 with 4 bye. and 3 pins.

Round #3

106 Joe DelGallo lost by pin to Gray Hart Hanover
113 Kyle Budd vs. bye
120 Daniel Ariola won by pin over Davon Dean Mountain view
126 Camden Franklin vs. bye
132 Kyle Roche lost 3-2 to Tyler Flora Hanover
138 Caleb Strum won by pin over Reid Scarborough Robinson
145 Matt Raines won 10-2 over Dolan Walsh Benedictine
152 Franco Camarca lost by pin to Ben Mahone Hanover
160 Garrett Tingen won by DF over Marco Mason Colonial Forge
170 Vito Camarca lost 14-0 to Ray Bernot Battlefield
182 Eric Lemus lost 3-1 to RJ Wilson Washington
195 Andrew Smith lost by pin to TJ Allen Hanover
195 Ian Carillo vs. bye
220 Tyler Devers lost by pin to Tommy Shea-Roop John Handley
285 Thomas Palmer lost by pin Gerren Butler Skyline

Round Notes: Fauquier went 4-8 with 3 bye. and 2 pins.

Individual Results:

106 Joe DelGallo 4-1 - 4th place
113 Kyle Budd 2-3
120 Daniel Ariola 3-2 - 3rd place
126 Camden Franklin 2-3
132 Kyle Roche 3-2
138 Caleb Strum 1-4
145 Matt Raines 5-0 -1st place
152 Franco Camarca 2-3
160 Garrett Tingen 5-0 -1st place
170 Vito Camarca 3-2
182 Eric Lemus 2-3
195 Andrew Smith 4-1 - 4th place
195 Ian Carillo 2-3
220 Tyler Devers 3-2
285 Thomas Palmer 3-2

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