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Fauquier Earns Regional Crown and is on a Mission
Ted Proctor

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February 12th and 13th 2016
Fauquier Earns Regional Crown and is on a Mission

Fauquier wrestlers competed for the 4A West Region tournament on Friday, Feb., 12th and Saturday 13th and by day two of this wrestling event the Falcons showed their dominance and closed the door on all other Regional teams even before the Championship Finals started.

Having the tournament suspended on Friday evening due to unrelated weather concerns could not halt the Falcons from capturing its second straight Regional title.

Team Fauquier pushed ten wrestlers into the Championship Final rounds and had three first place winners, two seconds, two thirds, and one fourth, one fifth, and one sixth placer. Entering eleven wrestlers and placing ten proved to show that Fauquier came to battle as they look to make a run for another State title.

To earn a bid to the 4A State meet which is next week in Salem, Virginia you have to place in the top four of the Region meet to advance. The 2016 Fauquier wrestling team had eight wrestlers punch a ticket to states as Coach Fisher once again will need to hit the reset button to prepare the Falcons for this run.

The 126 lb Finals had Ty Foster wining a 13-2 match over Mike Duffy - Sherando. Foster earned the first takedown as Duffy got an escape as Foster again recorded a second takedown to end the first period 4-1. Second period started in the neutral position where Foster again earned a takedown to go up 6-1. Foster closed the match out by getting a five point move and another set of back points. Foster also record three pins in his 2nd Regional title. He also won the Region last year as a sophomore at 113 lbs.

The 138 lb Finals was one of the most thrilling Championship Finals of the night as Kyle Roche won an overtime 6-4 match over state ranked Tatum Tyree - Amherst. A tie match going into the second period had Roche on bottom was able to earn an escape and a takedown to go up 3-0 early. But Tyree earned an escape and battle in for a takedown for a 3-3 tie. Seconds reminding in the second Roche once again escape Tyree to end the period 4-3 in favor of Roche.

As the third period started Roche let Tyree up to tie the match 4-4 as wrestlers were in on shots as the defense from both wrestlers were good. Thirty seconds into the overtime period Roche was able to get in on Tyree for a single and record a takedown near the out of bounds. This was the only match of the finals that went into overtime as one should expect these two wrestlers to meet again at the State meet.

The 160 lb Finals had Garrett Tingen winning by pin over Taylor Goolsby - Jefferson Forest. No Outstanding wrestler or Most Fall were awarded at the Regional Championships, but if they did surely Tingen would had been the front runner. Garrett Tingen became a three time Regional Champ and he also earned four pins at this Regional event.

The 113 lb Finals Kyle Budd lost an extremely close match 4-2 to Aaron Black – James Wood and 145 lb Finals Caleb Strum fell 8-7 to Chad Cantrell - Liberty Christian. Both Budd and Strum took a second place at the Region Championship and will move on to states next week. Budd and Strum both went 3 and 1 as they earned pins in the earlier rounds.

The other three wrestlers that advanced to 4A States were 152 lb Franco Camarca who took 3rd place and went 5-1, 170 lb Clifford Harrison who also took 3rd place and went 4-1, and 120 lb Joe DelGallo earned 4th place.

Last week I suggested Conference 22 could be the toughest in the state. But as we review the 4A West Region this becomes even more evident. The West Region is made up of five Conferences 21A, 21B, 22, 23, and 24 which is more than any other Region in the state and contains the most schools by any Region.

But if you look at the final top eight team placements of the 2016 4A West Region title out of 29 schools you will find four Conference 22 teams: John Champe taking 8th place, Liberty taking 6th place, Freedom taking 2nd place and of course Fauquier at the top. Simply presenting at the very least the top two teams but four Conference teams in the top eight should not go unnoticed. Kettle Run was also in the mix earning 12th place Regional finish.

Furthermore factoring that each Conference can only advance top three wrestlers to the 4A West Region you scratch your head to witness that on one side of the 4A West Regional brackets sits three number one Conference seeded wrestlers. Simply having five number one seeds total should alone makes the case for having one of the toughest Regions in the state as well. But I am not going too completely jump over board on this as mathematically not having the fourth seeds at regional play does creates for a strong post season field.

To win the Regional Championship for a sixth time in seven years seems remarkable for team Fauquier even as last year’s team had a make-up of seven seniors - a rebuilding year for the Falcons, maybe not. Two years ago Fauquier placed five at Regionals and took five to states and the Falcons finished State Runner-ups in 2014. Last year Fauquier advanced nine wrestlers to the 4A State meet and capture the State Championship.

The evening ended with Fauquier receiving the 2016 4A Regional Championship first place trophy. Moments after receiving the trophy team Fauquier and Fauquier Nation dashed out of John Champe HS for the team's charter bus. A "get outta of dodge" approach as team Fauquier once again on a mission to get back to Warrenton, Virginia for a team fundraiser and victory celebration.

A surreal moment but mission accomplished as the Falcons now must have their eyes on next week. We will have to wait and see as team Fauquier most certainly will be in the hunt for another State Crown.

Questions for Coach Fisher:
Q: Have you have been evolved at a wrestling event had to be stopped or suspended?
Coach Fisher: "No, that was a first for me. Standard contingency planning will of course adjust the schedule but a round must not be split."

Q: How does it feel to once again win the 4A Region Championship?
Coach Fisher: "It is a great feeling. I was asked if it loses its luster when we have been as fortunate over the recent years, but I am excited for the guys on this year’s team to have risen to the challenge and taken advantage of the opportunity that this year’s team had."

Q: The Kyle Roche verse Tatum Tyree Finals match – Very thrilling match any thoughts?
Coach Fisher: "That match was simply awesome from the perspective of anyone who is a fan of the sport. That might have been Roche’s best match ever. He and Ty have been really battling in the practice room and both are doing what it takes to reach their common goal – A State Title."

Q: What does team Fauquier need to do to repeat and bring home the State Championship title for a second straight year?
Coach Fisher: "We have a tremendous opportunity next weekend. We have enough guys to make a run at the title, and it is in our hands. If each of the eight performs to his potential, it will be close, but I believe we repeat."

The 4A States will be in Salem Virginia on Feb., 19th and 20th as updates and details will be posted soon.

Congratulations to Fauquier for winning the 2016 4A West Championships with 202 points.

Team Fauquier also pushes EIGHT wrestlers onto the 4A States and placed TEN wrestlers in the 4A West Region.

Final Placements
113 Kyle Budd - 2nd Place
120 Joe DelGallo - 4th Place
126 Ty Foster - 1st Place
132 Camden Franklin - 5th Place
138 Kyle Roche - 1st Place
145 Caleb Strum - 2nd Place
152 Franco Camarca - 3rd Place
160 Garrett Tingen - 1st Place
170 Clifford Harrison- 3rd Place
220 Thomas Palmer - 6th Place

Day 2 - Finals results below

Championships Finals
113 Kyle Budd lost 4-2 to Aaron Black - Jameswood
126 Ty Foster won 13-2 over Mike Duffy - Sherando
138 Kyle Roche won OT 6-4 over Tatum Tyree - Amherst
145 Caleb Strum lost 8-7 to Chad Cantrell - Liberty Christian
160 Garrett Tingen won by pin over Taylor Goolsby - Jefferson Forest

Note: Team went 3-2.

Consolation Finals
120 Joe DelGallo lost 3-1 to Derek Shockey - Woodgrove
152 Franco Camarca won 6-1 over Jordan Florence - Liberty
170 Clifford Harrison won 10 -2 over Jack Scalio - Loudoun County

Note: Team went 2-1.

5th and 6th placement
132 Cam Franklin won 9-7 over Joshua Hughes - GW-Danville, VA
220 Thomas Palmer lost 8-0 Roberto Martinez - Loudoun County

Note: Team went 1-1

Day 2

Consolation Semi - Finals
120 Joe DelGallo won 6-5 over Logan Rosser - Amherst
132 Cam Franklin lost 5-1 to Caxton Vaught - Carroll County
152 Franco Camarca won 5-0 over Harrison Robinson - Handley
170 Clifford Harrison won 5-1 over Adam Catron - William Byrd, VA
220 Thomas Palmer lost by pin to Tommy Shea-Roop - Handley

Note: Fauquier went 3-2.

Championships Semi - Finals
113 Kyle Budd won by pin over Justin Phillips - Liberty Christian
126 Ty Foster won by pin over Travis Oliver - Jefferson Forest
132 Cam Franklin lost 4-1 to Blake Justis - Jefferson Forest
138 Kyle Roche won 12-3 over Cam Bentley - Handley
145 Caleb Strum won 5-3 over Cutis Guthridge - Sherando
160 Garrett Tingen won by pin Michael McCutchan -Freedom
170 Clifford Harrison lost OT 3-2 to Dolan Delaney - Handley

Note: Team went 5-2 with 3 pins.

Consolation Rd. #3
120 Joe DelGallo won 4-3 over Christian Zuniga - Harrisonburg
152 Franco Camarca won by pin Marcus Berger - EC Glass
220 Thomas Palmer won by pin over Tyler Raymond - Libery

Note: Team went 3-0 with 2 pins.

Consolation Rd. #2
120 Joe DelGallo won by pin over Spencer Moran - Salem
152 Franco Camarca won 6-0 over James Platts - Sherando
182 Rob Patchett lost 5-2 to Ryan Funkhouser - Jameswood
220 Thomas Palmer won by pin over Sadaruys Folley - Charlottesville

Note: Team went 3-1 with 2 pins.

Day 1

Championships Quarter
113 Kyle Budd won by pin over Jarrett Thomas - Carroll County
120 Joe DelGallo lost 10-0 to Cody Lod y - Kettle Run
126 Ty Foster won by pin over Hayden Berkey - Amherst
132 Camden Franklin 12-9 over Joshua Hughes - George Washington-Danville
138 Kyle Roche won 8-4 over Conner Good - Loudoun County
145 Caleb Strum won by pin Paul Schaufert - Jefferson Forest
160 Garrett Tingen won by pin over Octavius Jones - Amherst
Day 2 - 170 Clifford Harrison won 10-3 over Jack Scalio - Loudoun County
Day 2 - 182 Rob Patchett lost by pin to Ben Judd - Loudoun County
Day 2 - 220 Thomas Palmer lost 2-1 to Wade Wheeler - Amherst

Note:Team Fauquier went 7 - 3 with 3 pins.

Consolation Rd. #1
152 Franco Camarca won by pin over Eli Busick - Carroll County

Note: 1-0 with 1 pin.

Championships. Rd. #1
113 Kyle Budd won by pin over Timmy Dieter - Sherando
120 Joe DelGallo won 5-3 over Adam Cerow - Rock Ridge
126 Ty Foster won by pin over Will Fincher - Woodgrove
132 Camden Franklin won by Forfeit
138 Kyle Roche won by pin over Matt Papastravrou - Jameswood
145 Caleb Strum won by pin over Garrett Cook - Woodgrove
152 Franco Camarca lost 14-1 over Noah Harrilla - Woodgrove
160 Garrett Tingen won by pin. over Joe Candelaria - Woodgrove
170 Clifford Harrison won 7-1 over Bailey Echelberger - Jameswood
182 Rob Patchett won 3-2 over Randal Tickle - William Byrd
220 Thomas Palmer won by pin over Chad Richardson - Salem

Note: Team Fauquier went 10 - 1 with 6 pins and a Forfeit.

Individual Results
113 Kyle Budd 3-1 - 2nd Place
120 Joe DelGallo 4-2 - 4th Place
126 Ty Foster 4-0 - 1st Place
132 Camden Franklin 3-2 - 5th Place
138 Kyle Roche 4-0 - 1st Place
145 Caleb Strum 3-1 - 2nd Place
152 Franco Camarca 5-1- 3rd Place
160 Garrett Tingen 4-0 - 1st Place
170 Clifford Harrison 4-1- 3rd Place
182 Rob Patchett 1-2
220 Thomas Palmer 3-3 - 6th Place

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