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Fauquier @ 2015 PSU Wrestling Camp
by: Ted Proctor - 7-13-2015
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   Team Fauquier @ Penn State
For the fifth summer in a row, the Fauquier wrestling team including middle-schoolers and coaching staff traveled to Penn State University for an intensive wrestling team camp from July 5-8. Attending a camp on the campus of the 4x National Wrestling Champion Nittany Lions and spend the week training under Cael Sanderson the Head Wrestling Coach of PSU. Challenging and difficult as expected team Fauquier rolled into State College with a vision of learning and improving on their skillset.

But in addition to learning top level technique Coach Doug Fisher and team was at a summer camp that had 20 plus high school teams from around the country with head to head wrestling to occur. Below is how some of the team Fauquier finished.

Joe DelGallo 4 - 5
Kyle Budd 10 – 3
Mitch Kuhns 3 - 5
Albie Snedaker 6 – 0
Ethan Jordan 6 - 8
Sam Fisher 13 – 4
Clifford Harris 7 – 4
Caleb Strum 9 – 2
Franco Camarca 6 - 3
Garrett Tingen 9 – 0
Thomas Palmer 7 – 7

This extremely high level PSU intensive camp made for some tough matches. As the team turns the page on this 2015 PSU summer camp, expect to see team Fauquier ready to hit the mat this summer and fall leading up to next season.

Can you share some of the highlights from this PSU camp?
Fisher: "I thought this was one of if not the best team camp that we have had. I challenged the guys early to focus on improving aspects of their game, and not worry about wins and losses. Try the new technique, integrate it into their offense or defense, don’t just rely on the same set of moves and counters that they are comfortable with."

Anything new from this PSU technique camp that you plan to implement into the Falcon wrestling room?
Fisher: "We saw some interesting high-C finishes from Nation champ and US National Team member, Frank Molinaro, some really awesome leg offense from junior world champ and all American, Zain Retherford, some great leg defense from 2 time national champ and PSU Coach Casey Cunningham, some fantastic drag attacks from world silver medalist Franklin Gomez, and also some great turns from 4x ncaa champ and Olympic gold medalist Cael Sanderson."

Do you have any funny moments that you would like to share with regards to the team and the atmosphere while at this intensive wrestling camp?
Fisher: "Well we had a lot of fun this year, but what was most amusing was Coach Well’s recollection of one of Clifford’s matches. I challenged Clifford to improve his stand up game, and had him always pick neutral the entire camp. In one specific match the referee was looking to the coaches for which position Clifford wanted while not paying attention to Clifford reluctantly trying to request neutral and Clifford had to keep trying to get the ref’s attention to pick the position that he wanted the least."

What’s next for team Fauquier and the Birds O’ Prey?
Fisher: "We are taking some time off of the mats, but we are not taking any time off. We will be lifting 3 days a week, doing a functional strength farm workout one day a week and doing a metabolic conditioning (metcon) workout at the Combat Fitness gym one day a week. Yes, that is 5 days of structured workouts a week. We will be back in the wrestling room when school starts and Fauquier and BoP will be training for Super32 qualifiers and Super32."

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