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Fauquier Finishes 2nd at the NOVA Classic
by: Ted Proctor - 12-10-2012
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   Team Fauquier

2nd Place at Nova Clasic

The second wrestling event of the wrestling season found the Falcons facing off at one of the biggest event in the Northern Virginia. For the past 24 years Fairfax HS has hosted the NOVA classic which is a double elimination wrestling tournament that draws in 32 Northern Region public and private schools in the Washington metro area. The classic aligns and seeds wrestlers into a 32 man brackets and at dayís end on Saturday the top 8 wrestlers are award with a placement medal.

This is the third year that Fauquier have participated in the NOVA Classic earning second place in 2010 and winning the event last year must had coach Fisher wondering days leading up to this event if his young squad could repeat this year.

After the first round it was evident that the Falcons looked too continue a domination from past years by jumping out on top of the leader broad with 43 points over all other teams. Over the two day wrestling tournament you found Fauquier, Battlefield HS, and Centreville HS. sharing positions and taking stake of the top spot through the eight different rounds. It was an exciting experience to be a part of such a close race above the 32 teams.

   132 Matt Raines

1st Place - Nova Classic

Headed into the second day the team scores were 110-Centreville, 109-Fauquier and 105.5-Battlefield as the Falcons had five wrestlers that made it to the Semi-Finals. But as the day ended on Friday unfortunately senior Michael Villalobos 145 had suffered a head injury during the last 20 seconds of his quarter final match on Friday. Even though he hung onto win his quarter final match, Coach Fisher ended up pulling him from participating in his Semi-Finals match on Saturday and throughout the rest of the tourney.

So as Fauquier wrestling team took the mats Saturday morning, for day two of the NOVA Classic their mission was simple; to be a NOVA Classic champ. At dayís end on Saturday Fauquier ended up with two champions Matt Raines at 132 and Max Strum 182, two 3rd place winners a 4th, a 6th and an 8th placers to take home the 2nd place team trophy with 180 points. Battlefield HS out of Haymarket Virginia ended up nipping out Fauquier with 194.5 points by winning the 2012 NOVA classic.

Max Strum was one of the outstanding wrestlers for team Fauquier at the Classic as he earned 2 pins with his finals 7-6 match win over Tyler Love from Centreville. As a three year starter Maxís skill level on the mat has improved each year and now is one of the elite wrestlers in the state. Currently he is ranked #1 in the state of Virginia and his dominants over the past two weekends has him at an unbeaten record 10-0 and Northern Virginia best 182 ponder.

   182 Max Strum

1st Place - Nova Classic

Matt Raines has also started off the season very well with his 2nd place finish last week at the Skyline Opener and now winning the NOVA classic for the second time as a high school wrestler. Matt won the NOVA Classic last year and beat Ryand Arnold from Chantilly by pin on Saturday. Matt had 3 pins at the Classic as he extends his record to 9-1. Two weeks of outstanding performance for sophomore Matt as he has proven to bring it every time he steps on the wrestling mat.

One must understand that there is nothing fancy about this Falcons team as individuals achievements are still occurring and the team fights to get back to past years dominants. One thing that is noticed and similar to last seasonís are the pins. With Coach Fisher still not providing a full team line-up verse most of the other teams at the NOVA Classic, the Falcons continue to strive to win matches and earn bonus points with pins. With the only 13 wrestlers competing at the Classic out of 14 weight classes, Fauquier earned pins each round for 26 in total. This might be one reason that Fauquier was able to be at the top of the leader broad at the conclusion of each round. The team effort to earn pins gives teams additional team points and it showed as the whole team worked to contribute in this area.

This young team knows how to pin just like last year and had a ton of them so far this year, any comment?
Coach Fisher: Our ability to pin has been a very pleasant surprise. As the question noted, we are a young team, and the younger wrestlers generally struggle with pinning opponents. Our guys have been very aggressive on top and also doing a great job converting takedowns directly to pinning positions. We drill this heavily in the room, and it has been paying off.

Max Strum had a wonderful tournament this week and last week and really looks like a much improved wrestler from a year ago. Can you explain his improvements?
Coach Fisher: Max's improvements are primarily in 2 areas. First, we have been working on his scrambling ability over the past couple months. Coach Atwell works closely with him everyday in this area, and Max has responded extremely well. The other major improvement has come in his mental game. He is becoming a much more focused and disciplined wrestler on the mat for the entire match, and that translates into consistency in what he is capable of, which as we have seen, is substantial.

Now that you have completed two weekend tournaments that the team has been very successful at can you discuss areas of improvements with this team?
Coach Fisher: There have been a couple general technique areas where I see improvement while also overall improvement in our match preparation and focus. The larger and more important improvement thought has been in the area of team unity. With the loss of so many seniors last year, and the influx of so many new guys into the lineup, we started as a group of individuals. I am beginning to see the team bonding taking place that will ultimately make us more solid as a team going forward into some of the Dual team competitions. Our older guys (Max, Michael, Matt, Marco) have been doing a great job setting the example through their actions and their words which has helped the younger ones in the lineup to better understand our system, and expectations which go well beyond the mat and include things like, practice intensity, practice focus, competition warmup, proper nutrition, etc, etc

More information of the NOVA classic and the final brackets can be found at: NOVA Classic Final Brackets >>

Fauquier will travel to Patriot HS next weekend on Dec. 15th for a Dual tournament and then will host Liberty HS on Dec. 20th for a county head-to-head dual match. Virginia wrestling as of last week has gone public with the state ranks as Fauquier currently resides as the second ranked team in the state.

1. Christiansburg
2. Fauquier
3. Brookville
4. New Kent
5. Millbrook

Below is the results of Fauquier Falcons at the NOVA classic by rounds.

Day #2 Results:

Top ten team scores day 2-Final:

194.50 Battlefield
180.00 Fauquier -tie for 2nd
180.00 Centreville -tie for 2nd
154.50 Paul VI
151.50 Lake Braddock
135.00 Mount Vernon
131.50 Annandale
115.50 Mclean
111.50 TCWilliams
105.00 Edison -tie for 10th
105.00 South County -tie for 10th

Individual results:
106 Caleb Strum 4-2 - 4th place
113 Daniel Ariola 4-1 - 3rd place
120 Jake Hilleary 2-2
126 Garrett Tingen 7-1 - 3rd place
132 Matt Raines 5-0 - 3rd place
138 Trevor Marable 1-2
145 Michael Villalobos 3-0 - 6th place
152 Andrew Smith 1-2
160 Ben Brady 3-3 - 8th place
170 Erick Lemus 2-1
182 Max Strum 5-0 - 1st Place
220 Thomas Palmer 0-2
285 Justin Sanker 1-2

132 Matt Raines won by pin over Ryand Arnold-Chantilly
182 Max Strum won 7-6 over Tyler Love-Centreville

3rd and 4th-Finals
106 Caleb Strum lost 12-0 to Conner Grommets-McLean
113 Daniel Ariola won 4-0 over Qataada Nubian-Washington Lee
126 Garrett Tingen won by pin over Scott Kurtzke-Bishop O' Conner

7th and 8th-Finals
160 Ben Brady lost 5-2 to Jack Wrenn-Freedom

Round notes: Fauquier went 4-2 with 2 pins . The team ended up tied for 2nd place. Great job Fauquier

Consolation Semi-Finals
106 Caleb Strum won by pin over Omar Salami-Yorktown
113 Daniel Ariola won 10-0 over Alex Schrauder-Battlefield
126 Garrett Tingen won 8-4 over Chris Johnson-Mount Vernon

Round notes: Fauquier went 3-0 with 1 pin. All three wrestlers have advanced to the 3rd placement match. Great job team Fauquier

106 Caleb Strum lost 9-4 to Victor Echavria- Centreville
113 Daniel Ariola lost 11-3 to Ryan Haskett-Lake Braddock
132 Matt Raines won by pin over Jared Nielsen-Herndon
182 Max Strum won 12-0 over Will Winston-Washington Lee

5th Round-Consolation
126 Garrett Tingen won by pin over Calvin Nissan-Battlefield
152 Ben Brady lost 11-5 to Adam Elhajj-Fairfax

Round notes: Fauquier went 3-3 with 2 pin. Fauquier advanced 2 wrestlers into the Championships Finals as 3 other Falcons look to battle and aim for 3rd place. As 1 wrestler has move into the 7th placement match. Team scores are not posted.

4th Round-Consolation
126 Garrett Tingen vs. won by pin over Timothy Murphy-Lake Braddock
160 Ben Brady vs. won by Forfeit over Anson Amos-McLean

Round notes: Fauquier went 2-0 with 1 pin and 1 Forfeit.

Day #1 Results:

Top ten team scores after day 1

97-Mount Vernon
93.5-Lake Braddock
86-Paul VI
80.5-T.C. Williams

Individual results

3rd Round-Championship
106 Caleb Strum won by pin over Vince Tammany-Fairfax
113 Daniel Ariola won by pin over Jhony Beltrain-Fairfax
132 Matt Raines won 15-2 over UlugbekIsraiov-Annandale
145 Michael Villalobos won 4-2 over Sean Gamarra-Lake Braddock
182 Max Strum won 9-3 over Andrew Thomas-Battlefield

3rd Round-Consolation
120 Jake Hilleary lost by pin to HT Elston-Herdon
126 Garrett Tingen won by TF 15-0 over Calvin Nerove-Mountain View
160 Ben Brady won by pin over Nick Willes-South Lakes
170 Erick Lemus lost by pin to Mike Sidebottom-South Lakes

Round notes: Fauquier went 7-2 with 3 pins and 1 Tech Fall.

2nd Round-Consolation
120 Jake Hilleary won by pin over Zac Munoz-Battlefield
126 Garrett Tingen won by pin over Danny Rayes-Mclean
138 Trevor Marable lost by pin to Joe Garza-Mount Vernon
152 Andrew Smith lost by pin to Zack Fossett-Broad Run
160 Ben Brady won by pin over Hunter Albertson-South Co.
170 Erick Lemus won by pin over John Giordano-West Springfield
285 Justin Sanker lost by pin to Reginald Thorne-TC Williams

Round notes: Fauquier went 4-3 with 4 pins. Fauquier also takes over the leader broad after this round.

2nd Round-Championship
106 Caleb Strum won by TF 16-1 over Ran Dvnorick-Mountain View
113 Daniel Ariola won by pin over Alec Schrader-Battlefield
120 Jake Hilleary lost by pin to Chris Chase-St. Stephens/St.Agnes
126 Garrett Tingen lost 9-7 to Ibrahim Bunbuka-TC Williams
132 Matt Raines won by pin over Chris Macey-Bishop Ireton
145 Michael Villalobos won by pin over Pat Sommer-Stone Bridge
152 Andrew Smith lost by pin to Josh Total-Stone Bridge
160 Ben Brady lost by pin Mitchell Goddard-Madison
170 Erick Lemus lost by pin Tad Halogen-Potomac Falls
182 Max Strum won by pin over Jimmy McKeown-Potomac Falls

1st Round-Consolation
138 Trevor Marable won by pin over Garrett Quartana-Centreville
220 Thomas Palmer list by pin Tony Bilson-South Co.
285 Justin Sanker won by pin over Jon Carrier-Lake Braddock

Round notes: Fauquier went 7-6 with 6 pins and 1 Tech Fall.

1st Round-Championship
106 Caleb Strum won by pin over Caleb Garber-Freedom
113 Daniel Ariola Bye
120 Jake Hilleary won by pin over Umer Hashim-Robert E. Lee
126 Garrett Tingen won by pin over Michael Herbst-Paul VI
132 Matt Raines won by Forfeit Ricky Lefrancois-Chantilly
138 Trevor Marable lost 13-8 to Zach Bolduc-West Springfeild
145 Michael Villalobos won by pin over Mohammad Hassan-Mount Vernon
152 Andrew Smith won 4-1 over Brandon Juarez-Marshall
160 Ben Brady won by pin over Jake Velasquez-Annandale
170 Erick Lemus won by pin over Pete Nguten-BDJO
182 Max Strum won by pin Yasser Azizi-Wakefeild
220 Thomas Palmer lost by pin to Andrew Healy-Herndon
285 Justin Sanker lost by pin to Lee Ferrill-Battlefield.

Round notes: Fauquier went 9-3 with 7 pins, one Forfeit, and one bye. Team score after the 1st round-Fauquier is in first place with 43.5 points,.. follow by, Paul VI 43pts, Centreville 40pts, Battlefield 48pts.

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