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Fauquier @ MMM XIII
by: Ted Proctor
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Dec. 29th and 30th 2016
Fauquier @ MMM XIII
Mount Saint Joseph High School, MD


Day 2:

Final Round:Team Fauquier takes 12th place at Mount Mat Madness with four wrestlers placing.

Final Placements
126lbs Kyle Budd 4th place
145lbs Ty Foster 7th place
160lbs Sam Fisher 4th place
170lbs Franco Camarca 5th place

Fauquier had 3 three wrestlers make it to the Consolation-Semi Finals as they went 2-1 as Kyle Budd and Sam Fisher both advanced to the Consolation Finals.

Day 1:

Champ. Round 3 - Fauquier goes 1-3 as 126 Kyle Budd advances to the MMM Semi-Finals

Champ. Round 2 - Fauquier went 4-4

Champ. Round 1 - Fauquier went 3-2 with 5 byes

The following Fauquier wrestlers have earned seeds:
126lbs Kyle Budd 5th
145lbs Ty Foster 7th
152lbs Cam Franklin 9th
160lbs Sam Fisher 6th
170lbs Franco Camarca 4th

Day 2 Results:

Champ. Semi-Final:
126 Trevon Majette(Oscar Smith) won MD 9-1 over Kyle Budd (Fauquier)

Con. Round 5:
145 Austin Obermeyer(Brentsville Dis.) Dec 6-2 over Ty Foster (Fauquier)
160 Sam Fisher (Fauquier) Dec 3-1 over Jacob Jarosz (Severn)
170 Franco Camarca (Fauquier) Dec 7-2 over Jeremy Cranston(Gilman)

Con. Semi-Finals:
126 Kyle Budd (Fauquier) won by Pin Matt Chimento (Queen of Peace)
160 Sam Fisher (Fauquier) DEC 3-1 Ronnie Williams (Mountain View)
170 Logan Montgomery (Salesianum) won by Pin over Franco Camarca (Fauquier)

126 Nick Novarnik (St Georges) DEC 7-0 Kyle Budd (Fauquier)
160 Dylan Gumaer DEC 7-5 (Dylan Gumaer) Brentsville Dis Sam Fisher (Fauquier)

170 Franco Camarca (Fauquier) DEC 4-0 Caleb Wilson (Georgetown Prep)

145 Dominic Dinoto (Loyola) won by Pin over Ty Foster (Fauquier)

Day 1 Results:

Champ. Round 1
106 Gino Camarca Bye
113 John Carayiannis (Brentsville Dis.) won by pin over Mitch Kuhns (Fauquier)
126 Kyle Budd Bye
138 Logan Arneson (Urbana) won DEC 5-3 over Joe Delgallo (Fauquier)
145 Ty Foster (Fauquier) won by Fall over Logan Cavanaugh (St Georges)
152 Cam Franklin (Fauquier) won by MD 13-2 over Sterling Waters (Oscar Smith)
160 Sam Fisher (Fauquier) won by TF 20-4 over Hunter Beaudet (St Georges)
170 Franco Camarca Bye
182 Kevin McKeachin Bye
195 Jackson McKeachin Bye

Note: Team Fauquier went 3-2 with 5 byes

Champ. Round 2:
106 Nick Incontrera (Blair Academy) won by TF 15-0 Gino Camarca (Fauquier)
126 Kyle Budd (Fauquier) won by Fall over Ryan Gilligan (Urbana)
145 Ty Foster (Fauquier) won by Fall over Conner Frazier (Mountain View)
152 Zach Phillips (Mt St Joseph) won by Fall over Cam Franklin (Fauquier)
160 Sam Fisher (Fauquier) won by Pin over Dakota Kerr (Smyrna)
170 Franco Camarca (Fauquier) won by Pin over Tai Smith (Oscar Smith)
182 David Schultz (Mt St Joseph) won by Pin over Kevin Mceachin (Fauquier)
195 195 Derik Mejia (Bishop O Connel) won by Pin over Jackson Mceachin (Fauquier)

Note: Team Fauquier went 4-4

Champ. Round 3:

126 Kyle Budd (Fauquier) won MD 8-0 over Jared Butler (Pallotti)
145 Garrett Beam (Queen of Peace) won by Pin over Ty Foster (Fauquier)
160 Corneilus Schuster (Mt St Joseph) won Dec 3-0 Sam Fisher (Fauquier)
170 Jacob Cardenas (Queen of Peace) won Dec 7-2 overFranco Camarca (Fauquier)

Note: Team Fauquier went 1-3

Con. Round 1:
113 Mitch Kuhns Bye
138 Alec Feurer (Loyola) won by Fall over Joe Delgallo (Fauquier)

Con. Round 2:
106 John Pantazes (St Georges) won MD 12-0 over Gino Camarca (Fauquier)
113 Wyatt Mcmullen (St Georges) won MD 9-1 over Mitch Kuhns (Fauquier)
138 Luke Harasika (Salesianum) won DEC 5-3 over Joe Delgallo (Fauquier)
152 Cam Franklin Bye
182 Kevin McKeachin Bye

Con. Round 3:
152 Cam Franklin (Fauquier) won by Pin over Bryan Arteen (Severn)
182 Kevin McKeachin (Fauquier) won by Pin over Stephon Hutt (Salesianum)
195 Jackson Mceachin (Fauquier) won Dec 12-6 over Nick Atehortua (St Georges)

Con. Round 4:
145 Ty Foster (Fauquier) won by Pin over Ethan Stern (Mt St Joseph)
152 Jake Makosy (Urbana) won Dec 2-0 over Cam Franklin (Fauquier)
160 Sam Fisher (Fauquier) won by Pin over Justin Barnes (Hanover HS)
170 Franco Camarca (Fauquier) won 7-2 over Camden Farrow(Middletown)
182 Hunter Moyer(Smyrna) won by Pin ovr Kevin McKeachin (Fauquier)
195 Kevin Makosy(Urbana) won MD 10-1 over Jackson Mceachin (Fauquier)

Indivdual Results:
106 Gino Camarca 0-2
113 Mitch Kuhns 0-2
126 Kyle Budd 3-2
138 Joe DelGallo 1-2
145 Ty Foster 3-3
152 Cam Franklin 2-2
160 Sam Fisher 5-2
170 Franco Camarca 4-2
182 Kevin McKeachin 1-2
195 Jackson McKeachin 2-2
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