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Daniel Ariola is the MMM Champion
by: Ted Proctor - 12-31-2013
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Team results
Mt St Joseph 150.0
David Brearley 135.5
Fauquier 135.0
John Carroll 135.0
Glenelg 126.0
Georgetown Prep 110.5
Leonardtown 101.0
Arch Spalding 99.5
Brentsville 96.0
Urbana 94.5
Loyola 92.5
Hanover 89.0
Reservoir 87.5
CD Hylton 83.0
St Georges 82.5
Kent Island 82.0
South County 79.5
Bohemia Manor 68.0
Centreville 67.0
Centennial 65.5
Boys Latin 62.0
Severn 52.5
Edison 51.0
Appoquinimink 50.5
St Marys 47.5
Pallotti 44.0
Gilman 39.0
Bishop McNamara 29.5
Severna Park 23.0
Rising Sun 20.0
Gonzaga 8.0
On Dec. 27th and 28th the Fauquier Wrestling team traveled to Cantonsville Maryland for the 10th Annual Mount Mat Madness wrestling tournament. This was a 31 team event as wrestlers competed individually in a 32 man brackets as the Falcons battled at the top of the leader board as they bounced up and down between the first five positions heading into the last round. As the last match came to an end Fauquier finished in 3rd place and had a great ending Championship round by going 4-1 with 5 individual placements and with Daniel Ariola earning the 113 lbs MMM title.

A lot of the schools at this event were private and within the Maryland metropolitan area with a few from Virginia as well with all having high level national ranked wresters making this event the 7th toughest ranked tournament nationwide. Although Fauquier ended up tied for 3rd place with 135 points up from 16th place a year ago, Fauquier had not had a MMM Champion at this event dating back to 2008 when Chris Moon and Daniel McGillivray won this event. But even then as the 2008 Fauquier squad ended in 5th place this 2013 squad continues to loom near the top of the leader board in each of their events this season. Not hard to argue that Fauquier is a much improved from last year.

MMM Individual Highlights: Junior Daniel Ariola had a great weekend by winning the 113 lbs weight class. Daniel won the finals by beating Jeffrey Walker of Brentsville (the VA #1 ranked wrestler) 9 to 6. Late into the 1st period Ariola had Walker on his back and closed to pinned.

138 lbs Matt Raines and 145 lbs Garrett Tingen both ended up in 3rd place. Junior Matt Raines a finalist and runner up last year lost in his semi-final match on the second day of the tournament this year but was able to battle back through the consolations to earn a pin in the Consolations Finals over Matt Pente of Arch Spalding. Sophomore Garrett Tingen followed a similar path of Raines where he lost in the Semi-Finals and then also earned a pin in the Consolations Finals over Casey Bowers of CD Hylton.

   Team Fauquier
   Fauquier Placements
   Daniel Ariola

pictures taken by Jack Raines

Freshman Kyle Roche was the forth Falcon wrestler that made it to the MMM Semi-Finals but suffered a lost. Roche then fell to the 5th placement bracket as he ended the evening by win a close 3 to 1 over Tim Murphy of David Brearley. Other notes from team Fauquier was 160 lbs Vito Camarca who earned a 6th place and 132 lbs Trevor Marable and 152 lbs Clifford Harrison who both went 4 and 2 in this tournament.

Q: How sweet is it to have a wrestler become the MMM Champion?
Coach Fisher - I was very happy to see Daniel make it to the top of the podium at MMM. He has been working hard the last couple years in and out of season, and he is realizing the fruits of that labor. He struggled last week at Beast in some matches where he did not adapt during the match. We discussed what he needed to do, and at MMM he was able to make the in-match changes that were necessary and that helped him reach the finals.

Q: This could be one of the best performances that team Fauquier has done at MMM; 5 wresters earning placement, any thoughts with team.
Coach Fisher - Frankly, I’m not sure. It is certainly the highest that we have placed as a team, but there are other factors that play into that determination. What I do know is that we had a better effort from many of the guys, and I feel like we are starting to gel as a team.

Q: Participating at the Beast of the East last week and now Mount Mat Madness, can you describe the pool of talent at these events and can team Fauquier take something from these major wrestling tournaments.
Coach Fisher - Those two tournaments are filled with the top tier kids on the east coast. Wrestling against that level of competition provides valuable insight into where we are as a team and individually.

Q: Now that four events are done team Fauquier seems battle tested any reflections of team going into the second half of the season.
Coach Fisher - We are heading into our dual meet heavy portion of the season. We have been doing a great job of earning bonus points in our matches, and that will benefit us greatly in the dual meets.

What’s Next: The Falcons will look to hit the mat the beginning of 2014 on Saturday Jan. 4th for the Mayhem at Millbrook at Millbook HS., Winchester VA. This will be an individual bracketed tournament as wrestlers advance forward through the champion rounds if they win. The following week the Falcons then will travel to Virginia Duals Hampton Col., Hampton VA on Jan. 10th and 11th.

Below will show more results of Fauquier Falcons by rounds.

Day 2 Final Placement Round Results - Dec. 28

Championship Finals
113 Daniel Ariola won 9-6 over Walker, Jeffrey - Brentsville

Round Notes: Fauquier went 1-0 with the VA #3 ranked over a #1 ranked wrestler.

Consolation Finals:
138 Matt Raines won by Fall over Pente, Matt - Arch Spalding
145 Garrett Tingen won by Fall over Bowers, Casey - CD Hylton

Round Notes: Fauquier went 2-0 this round.

5th and 6th Placement:
126 Kyle Roche won 3-1 over Murphy, Tim - David Brearley
160 Vito Camarca lost 6-5 to Ward, Jake - CD Hylton

Round Notes: Fauquier went 1-1 this round.

Day 2 Results - Dec. 28

Round #3 - Championship Quarters:
113 Daniel Ariola won 4-3 over Rill, Owen - Mt St Joseph
126 Kyle Roche won 17-5 over Messersmith, Justin - Kent Island 
138 Matt Raines won OT 4-0 over Jacobson, Brock - Edison
145 Garrett Tingen won by Fall Bowers, Casey - CD Hylton
160 Vito Camarca lost 6-1 to Albanese, Mike - St Georges

Round Notes: Fauquier went 4-1 this round with 1 pin.

Round #3 Cons:
120 Jake Hilleary won by Fall over Lamore, Joey - Arch Spalding
132 Trevor Marable won by Fall over Vu, Michael - Centreville
152 Clifford Harrison won by Fall over Schultz, Brandon - Leonardtown
170 Erick Lemus lost by Fall to Chandler, Kenyatta - Appoquinimink
182 Andrew Smith won 10-1 over Amaral, Neil - Loyola
220 Thomas Palmer lost by Fall to Salcfas, Saverio - David Brearley
285 Justin Sanker won 4-0 OT over Lott, Clayton - Edison

Round Notes: Fauquier went 5-2 with 3 pin. Team is in 3rd place.

Round #4 Cons:
120 Jake Hilleary lost 13-6 to Shelton, Hunter - Leonardtown
132 Trevor Marable won by Forfeit over Kilcarr, Mason-Reservoir
152 Clifford Harrison won by Fall over Macdonald, William - Gonzaga
160 Vito Camarca won 6-1 over Kalafos, Paul - Severna Park
182 Andrew Smith lost by Fall to Parker, Jacob - Arch Spalding 
285 Justin Sanker lost 9-3 to Wallace, Garrett - Leonardtown

Round Notes: Fauquier is currently 3-3 in this round with a Forfeit and 1 pin.

Round #5 Cons:
132 Trevor Marable lost 4-3 to Mammadli, Javid - Edison
152 Clifford Harrison lost 7-2 to Mellott, Parker - Urbana
160 Vito Camarca won 2-1 over Callas, Dmitry - Kent Island
Round Notes: Fauquier went 1-2 this round

Championship Semi-Finals
113 Daniel Ariola won by Fall over Skokowski, Cj - John Carroll
126 Kyle Roche lost by Fall to Salvo, Zeke - Mt St Joseph
138 Matt Raines lost 7-2 to Brown, Ian - Hanover
145 Garrett Tingen lost 21-5 TF to Bannister, Alfred - Bishop McNamara

Round Notes: Fauquier went 1-3 with 1 pin.

Cons. Semi-Finals:
126 Kyle Roche lost by Fall to Garland, Caleb - Hanover
138 Matt Raines won by Fall over Brooks, Garland - Leonardtown
145 Garrett Tingen won by Fall Mitchell, Connor - Centreville
160 Vito Camarca lost 6-2 to Rowell, Sam - Mt St Joseph

Round Notes: Fauquier is 2-2 with 1 pin.

Day 1 Results - Dec. 27

Round #1 Championship:
113 Daniel Ariola won by Fall over Savona, Liam - David Brearley
120 Jake Hilleary vs. bye
126 Kyle Roche vs. bye
132 Trevor Marable won 14-1 over Routt, Sam - Centennial
138 Matt Raines vs. bye
145 Garrett Tingen won by Fall over Boyle, Alec - Georgetown Prep
152 Clifford Harrison won by Fall over Mchale, Matt - Arch Spalding
160 Vito Camarca vs. bye
170 Erick Lemus lost by Fall to Dohler, Evan - Boys Latin
182 Andrew Smith vs. bye
195 Tyler Devers lost by Fall to Fisher, Rodney - Bohemia Manor
220 Thomas Palmer vs. bye
285 Justin Sanker loast 2-0 to Boettcher, Tyler - Centennial

Round Notes: Fauquier went 4-3 with 3 pins. With each weight class using a 32-man bracket format this round Fauquier had 6 wresters with byes.

Round #2 Championship:
113 Daniel Ariola won 12-8 over Watson, Alexander - Hanover
120 Jake Hilleary lost by Fall to Reyes, Dominck - Loyola
126 Kyle Roche won by Fall over Walker, Austin - St Georges
132 Trevor Marable lost by Fall Manley, Hunter - South County
138 Matt Raines won by Fall over Cook, Michael - South County
145 Garrett Tingen won by Fall over Wassif, Jacob - South County
152 Clifford Harrison lost 5-3 to Medcalf, Daniel - Severn
160 Vito Camarca won 6-1 over Bruno, Rocco - Boys Latin
182 Andrew Smith lost by Fall to Pappas, Bryce - St Marys
220 Thomas Palmer lost by Fall to Mays, Brian - Leonardtown

Round Notes: Fauquier went 5-5 this round. Team is in 9th place with 37pts.

Round #2 Cons:
120 Jake Hilleary vs. bye
132 Trevor Marable won 8-0 over Gaines, Evan - Boys Latin
152 Clifford Harrison won by Fall over Langeluttig, Justin - Mt St Joseph
170 Erick Lemus won 3-1 over Swindell, Teddy - Gilman
182 Andrew Smith won 5-0 over Gladfelter, Cody - Hanover
195 Tyler Devers lost by Fall to Pizarro, Brandon-South County
220 Thomas Palmer vs. bye
285 Justin Sanker won by Fall over Cooper, Darius - Appoquinimink

Round Notes: Fauquier went 5-1 with 2 Falls an2 2 byes. Team Fauquier will have 12 wrestlers competing on day 2. They also jumped into 5th place over all.

Individual Results
113 Daniel Ariola 5-0 1st Place
120 Jake Hilleary 1-2
126 Kyle Roche 3-2 5th Place
132 Trevor Marable 4-2
138 Matt Raines 4-1 3rd Place
145 Garrett Tingen 5-1 3rd Place
152 Clifford Harrison 4-2
160 Vito Camarca 3-3 6th Place
170 Erick Lemus 1-2
182 Andrew Smith 2-2
195 Tyler Devers 0-2
220 Thomas Palmer 0-2
285 Justin Sanke 2-2

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