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Fauquier @ 2017 District Duals
by: Ted Proctor
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Jan. 20th and 21st 2017
Fauquier @ 2017 District Duals
Liberty HS., Bealeton VA

TEAM RESULTS: Team Fauquier goes 3-4 in dual matches at the 2017 District Duals. Kyle Budd was the only Falcon to go 7-0 for the two day event. Kyle Budd also earned six pins through his seven matches. Camden Franklin and Sam Fisher both posted a 6-1 record for the two days of wrestling.

Day 1
ROUND 1: Bye

ROUND 2: Fauquier 57 Manassas Park 24
106 Gino Camarca (Fauquier) over Muhammad (Farzan) Farooqui (Manassas Park) (Fall 0:56)
113 Alex Bautista (Fauquier) over Peyton Phipps (Manassas Park) (Fall 4:37)
120 Kyle Budd (Fauquier) over Muhammad (Fahad) Farooqui (Manassas Park) (Fall 3:04)
126 Rami Essawi (Manassas Park) over Unknown (For.)
132 Joe DelGallo (Fauquier) over Jose Alfaro (Manassas Park) (Fall 1:51)
138 Camden Franklin (Fauquier) over Dalton Judy (Manassas Park) (Dec 7-3)
145 Dell Hankins (Manassas Park) over David Dewald (Fauquier) (Fall 1:16)
152 Bryan Talavera (Manassas Park) over Unknown (For.)
160 Sam Fisher (Fauquier) over Nathan Phipps (Manassas Park) (Fall 0:52)
170 Franko Camarca (Fauquier) over Kevin Martinez (Manassas Park) (Fall 1:37)
182 Kevin McEachin (Fauquier) over Luke Binsted (Manassas Park) (Fall 3:06)
195 Jackson McEachin (Fauquier) over Steven Corado (Manassas Park) (Fall 0:49)
220 Darian Poles (Fauquier) over Juan Alvarez-Portillo (Manassas Park) (Fall 0:52)
285 Jacob Togni (Manassas Park) over Preston Pendelton (Fauquier) (Fall 4:14)

Day 2
ROUND 3: Fauquier 19 Eastern View 50
106 Johnny Laird (Eastern View) over Gabe Laucho (Fauquier) (TF 17-2 2:00)
113 Austin Kolikas (Eastern View) over Gino Camarca (Fauquier) (Fall 1:15)
120 Kyle Budd (Fauquier) over Andrew Nazzaro (Eastern View) (Fall 1:24)
126 Byron Cornelius (Eastern View) over Unknown (For.)
132 Joe DelGallo (Fauquier) over Travis Gorham (Eastern View) (Dec 3-0)
138 Camden Franklin (Fauquier) over Drew Shurina (Eastern View) (MD 15-6)
145 Shane Maryk (Eastern View) over David Dewald (Fauquier) (Fall 3:17)
152 Noah Hundley (Eastern View) over Unknown (For.)
160 Matt Laird (Eastern View) over Sam Fisher (Fauquier) (Dec 10-4)
170 Kaden Woodward (Eastern View) over Franko Camarca (Fauquier) (Dec 6-5)
182 Zac Brown (Eastern View) over Kevin McEachin (Fauquier) (Fall 0:28)
195 Casey Burr (Fauquier) over Unknown (For.)
220 Kyle Jenkins (Eastern View) over Jackson McEachin (Fauquier) (Dec 7-4)
285 David Leavell (Eastern View) over Darian Poles (Fauquier) (Fall 3:00)

ROUND 4: Fauquier 18 Liberty 48
126 Kyle Budd (Fauquier) over Bryan Contreras (Liberty (Bealeton)) (Fall 1:42)
132 Joe DelGallo (Fauquier) over Matthew Sloan (Liberty (Bealeton)) (Fall 3:59)
138 Ricky Ryan (Liberty (Bealeton)) over Camden Franklin (Fauquier) (Dec 6-4)
145 David Dewald (Fauquier) over Caleb Swinson (Liberty (Bealeton)) (SV-1 8-6)
152 Jake Schreiner (Liberty (Bealeton)) over Unknown (For.)
160 Sam Fisher (Fauquier) over Patrick Ewell (Liberty (Bealeton)) (Dec 8-5)
170 Jordan Florence (Liberty (Bealeton)) over Franko Camarca (Fauquier) (Dec 10-5)
182 Brian Storey (Liberty (Bealeton)) over Kevin McEachin (Fauquier) (Fall 1:35)
195 Cordell Smith (Liberty (Bealeton)) over Jackson McEachin (Fauquier) (Dec 5-4)
220 Tyler Raymond (Liberty (Bealeton)) over Darian Poles (Fauquier) (Fall 1:36)
285 Julian Sams (Liberty (Bealeton)) over Unknown (For.)
106 Daniel Sennott (Liberty (Bealeton)) over Gabe Laucho (Fauquier) (Fall 0:48)
113 Austin Harris (Liberty (Bealeton)) over Gino Camarca (Fauquier) (SV-1 8-6)
120 Wyatt Potter (Liberty (Bealeton)) over Tyler Gray (Fauquier) (Fall 2:42)

ROUND 5: Fauquier 45 John Champe 36
132 Joe DelGallo (Fauquier) over Khati Aryan (John Champe) (Fall 1:40)
138 Camden Franklin (Fauquier) over Russell Moore (John Champe) (Dec 9-2)
145 Levi Moody (John Champe) over David Dewald (Fauquier) (Fall 1:33)
152 Baseem Zeweri (John Champe) over Unknown (For.)
160 Sam Fisher (Fauquier) over Unknown (For.)
170 Franko Camarca (Fauquier) over Chris Taylor (John Champe) (Fall 0:22)
182 Kevin McEachin (Fauquier) over Nathan Williams (John Champe) (Fall 2:38)
195 Jackson McEachin (Fauquier) over Gardener Austin (John Champe) (Fall 0:50)
220 Darian Poles (Fauquier) over Abhi Khatri (John Champe) (Fall 0:19)
285 Elijah Boldin (John Champe) over Unknown (For.)
106 Preston Moore (John Champe) over Gino Camarca (Fauquier) (Fall 1:49)
113 Kelton Roney (John Champe) over Alex Bautista (Fauquier) (Fall 3:47)
120 Kyle Budd (Fauquier) over Austin Kreb (John Champe) (Fall 2:19)
126 Miguel Lopez (John Champe) over Unknown (For.)

ROUND 6: Fauquier 36 Freedom (South Riding) 39
138 Camden Franklin (Fauquier) over Bobby Wrenn (Freedom (South Riding)) (Dec 7-5)
145 Will Summers (Freedom (South Riding)) over David Dewald (Fauquier) (Fall 2:49)
152 Anthony Rubio (Freedom (South Riding)) over Unknown (For.)
160 Sam Fisher (Fauquier) over Matt Bean (Freedom (South Riding)) (Fall 1:42)
170 Franko Camarca (Fauquier) over Michael Parnell (Freedom (South Riding)) (Fall 0:42)
182 Case Stallings (Freedom (South Riding)) over Kevin McEachin (Fauquier) (Fall 0:47)
195 Jackson McEachin (Fauquier) over Jacob Carney (Freedom (South Riding)) (Fall 1:58)
220 Darian Poles (Fauquier) over Kerollos Danial (Freedom (South Riding)) (Fall 0:23)
285 Jacob Edwards (Freedom (South Riding)) over Preston Pendelton (Fauquier) (Fall 0:21)
106 Trevor Lemaster (Freedom (South Riding)) over Gabe Laucho (Fauquier) (Fall 1:03)
113 Gino Camarca (Fauquier) over Logan Hall (Freedom (South Riding)) (Fall 3:50)
120 Carter Levin (Freedom (South Riding)) over Tyler Gray (Fauquier) (Fall 2:29)
126 Kyle Budd (Fauquier) over Sean Crumbliss (Freedom (South Riding)) (Dec 4-3)
132 Nicky Scolarici (Freedom (South Riding)) over Joe DelGallo (Fauquier) (Dec 7-4)

ROUND 7: Fauquier 35 Kettle Run 36
145 Will Carlson (Kettle Run) over David Dewald (Fauquier) (Fall 3:44)
152 Jack Linton (Kettle Run) over Unknown (For.)
160 Sam Fisher (Fauquier) over Gabe Chumley (Kettle Run) (TF 18-3 4:36)
170 Franko Camarca (Fauquier) over Unknown (For.)
182 Casen Chumley (Kettle Run) over Kevin McEachin (Fauquier) (Dec 1-0)
195 Jackson McEachin (Fauquier) over Chris Kallighan (Kettle Run) (Dec 5-1)
220 Ryan Schwind (Kettle Run) over Darian Poles (Fauquier) (Fall 3:01)
285 Owen Whisenant (Kettle Run) over Preston Pendelton (Fauquier) (Inj.)
106 Gino Camarca (Fauquier) over Zane O`Connor (Kettle Run) (Dec 6-4)
113 Gabe Laucho (Fauquier) over Seth Richards (Kettle Run) (Fall 0:34)
120 Kyle Budd (Fauquier) over London VanCamp (Kettle Run) (Fall 2:38)
126 William Ayala (Kettle Run) over Unknown (For.)
132 Caden Lody (Kettle Run) over Joe DelGallo (Fauquier) (Dec 12-5)
138 Camden Franklin (Fauquier) over Unknown (For.)

ROUND 8: Fauquier 45 Brentsville District 33
152 Alexander Whitley (Brentsville District) over David Dewald (Fauquier) (Dec 11-5)
160 Sam Fisher (Fauquier) over Unknown (For.)
170 Franko Camarca (Fauquier) over Stephen Detweiler (Brentsville District) (Fall 0:36)
182 Kevin McEachin (Fauquier) over Unknown (For.)
195 Jackson McEachin (Fauquier) over Austin Horrocks (Brentsville District) (Fall 3:14)
220 Darian Poles (Fauquier) over Unknown (For.)
285 Grant Abernethy (Brentsville District) over Unknown (For.)
106 Deashton Fairley (Brentsville District) over Gino Camarca (Fauquier) (Fall 4:30)
113 John Carayiannis (Brentsville District) over Gabe Laucho (Fauquier) (Fall 0:26)
120 Killian Cardinale (Brentsville District) over Tyler Gray (Fauquier) (Fall 1:35)
126 Kyle Budd (Fauquier) over Parker Velez (Brentsville District) (Fall 4:35)
132 Joe DelGallo (Fauquier) over Collin Brady (Brentsville District) (Dec 14-7)
138 Camden Franklin (Fauquier) over John Townsend (Brentsville District) (Fall 1:33)
145 Yuri Smaltz (Brentsville District) over Unknown (For.)

Individual Results:
106/113 Gino Camarca 3-4
106/113 Gabe Laucho 0-4
113 Alex Bautista 1-1
120 Tyler Gray 0-2
120/126 Kyle Budd 7-0
132 Joe DelGallo 5-2
138 Camden Franklin 6-1
145/152 David Dewald 1-6
160 Sam Fisher 6-1
170 Franko Camarca 5-2
182 Kevin McEachin 3-4
195 Jackson McEachin 5-2
220 Darian Poles 4-3
285 Preston Pendelton 0-3
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