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Fauquier goes 1-2 at 32nd Virginia Duals
by: Ted Proctor - 01-16-2012
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The Fauquier wrestling team must have proven to the Virginia Duals committee that this team’s effort with a 13 and 0 season record, being ranked 6th by the Washington Post, and winning 4 straight wrestling tournaments thus far must have been enough to have been granted the #1 seed in the American Division. But to earn these achievements thus far this season, the Falcons have had enough team effort to muscle victories week after week this season. That was not the case for the 32nd Virginia Duals as they found themselves shorthanded and in a pickle at the heavy weight classification as two of the Falcons’ losses came right down to the last match.

Headed into the Virginia Duals one could state that this is the toughest event on the Falcons’ schedule. Taking a second place last year and coming back to try to earn first just as they had done at the previous three weekend events, once again this team had to have all hands on deck and full participants in the line-up to be able to continue accomplishing wins at this National event.

As the Falcons faced off against Deep Creek in the first round, Fauquier won 51-21. But in round two Fauquier did not have enough man power to steam the ship over regional foe Millbrook with the final being 33-36. With Fauquier’s 14 match winning streak coming to an end the Falcons then found themselves matched up with power house (single A) Grundy in the consolation side of this team tournament bracket. With the score being 30-31 entering the 285lb match, once again Fauquier could not muster enough to hold off Gundy as Fauquier fell to Grundy 30-37. “Regardless of the outcome getting tested at this level should show us that we need to improve so we can be prepared for one goal. The ending goal is to be a state champion.” Coach Fisher stated to his team shortly after the last match.

Some great wrestling performances came from junior Maco Tcheukado , Senior Tyler Budd, and Landon Dean as they all went 3-0 in their matches. Some other outstanding matches were wrestled by Matt Raines, Bennett Payne, Chuck Hilleary, and Max Strum as they went 2-1. Going into the VA Duals and not having a complete line-up, Coach Fisher in most cases had to shift his lineup and bump some of his wrestlers up a weight classification to best fit the team’s chances for success in winning. Giving up forfeits will give your opposing team 6 team points and having a few starters out Coach Fisher knew that to cover these holes at 160 and the heavy weight classification his wrestlers would be asked to compete in the next weight class up.

For the most part the Falcon wrestlers responded well and took on this challenge and continued to show all that this is a “team” that understands how to step up during any storm. Even though the team ended up going 1-2 and headed home much earlier than any sponsors wanted to leave, did I say that the Virginia Duals is a playing field that shows off the best-of-the best in the county? Simply reviewing the box scores one can reflect that these losses were dang close and for the most part kept the Fauquier Nation fans on the edges of their seats.

Simply watching Church Hilleary well into the 3rd period fight from the bottom to get out against Luke Anderson from Millbrook and to win this rematch; to have Michael Villalobos go into the 3rd OT against Millbrook’s Isaac Meadows; and to have Matt Raines and Bennett Payne step-up a weight class to compete with Grundy’s best wrestlers all were great matches and tests for this Falcon team.

Fauquier once again was center stage as the Virginia wrestling world had all eyes on them. Each year the Virginia Duals brings in the best teams from around the state and county and for the Falcons to continue to be asked back and enter this event (since 2007), goes to show that team Fauquier will show-up for any battle at any venue, even being short handed on the ship as they were in this weekend.

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Below is the match results of Fauquier at the Virginia Duals:

Fauquier 30 Grundy 37
Fauquier Individual Results vs. Grundy HS.
106 Marco Tcheukado won 3-0 to Austin Hurley
113 Dan Ariola won by forfeit
120 Matt Raines lost 2-1 to Austin Compton
126 Michael Villalobos won 6-4 over Dylan Raines
132 Bennett Payne lost 5-11 to Justin Street
138 Chuck Hilleary lost 12-4 to Trey Smith
145 Tyler Budd won by pin Channing Elswick
152 Landon Dean won by forfeit
160 Erik Lemus lost by pin to Jordan McCowen
170 Max Strum lost by pin to Tyler McClanahan
182 Aldair Ramos won by forfeit
195 Henry Weber lost 9-3 to Kensey Hankins
220 forfeit
285 forfeit

Note: The team score was 30-31 before the heavy weight match.

Fauquier 33 Millbrook 36
Fauquier Individual Results vs. Millbrook HS.

106 Marco Tcheukado won 15-0 over Than Meushaw
113 Matt Raines won by pin over Bruce Keenan
120 Michael Villalobos lost 3-2 OT Isaac Meadows
126 Bennett Payne won 10-2 over Warren Ramirez
132 Chuck Hilleary won 10-3 over Luke Anderson
138 Tyler Budd won by pin over Alex Plumb
145 Nick Geier lost by pin to Dylan Wisman
152 Landon Dean won 10-1 to Nick Kilmer
160 Erik Lemus lost by pin P.K. Jessen
170 forfeit to Jake Crawford
182 Max Strum won by pin Mike Keeler
195 Aldair Ramos lost by pin to Joe Jessen
220 Henry Weber lost 3-1 to Deandre Johnson
285 Justin Sanker lost by pin to Lee Artrip

Note: Team went 7- 6 as the match came down the the heavy weight.

Fauquier 52 Deep Creek 21
Fauquier Individual Results vs. Deep Creek HS.

106 Marco Tcheukado won by pin over Antonio Washington
113 Dan Ariola won by pin over Kyndel Clark
120 Matt Raines won 5-2 over Marcus Handricks
126 Michael Villalobos won 3-0 to Grayton Cintron
132 Bennett Payne won by pin over Roman Camarillo
138 Chuck Hilleary won 25-8 TF over Jocob Trochelan
145 Tyler Budd won by pin over Ezekiel Smith
152 Landon Dean won 16-0 TF over Austin Morris
160 Erik Lemus lost by pin over Russell Guerrero
170 Max Strum won by pin over Brandon Skinner
182 Aldair Ramos lost 9-3 to Raglbald Bundy
195 Henry Weber won by forfeit
220 forfeit
285 Justin Sanker lost by pin to Michael Hall

Note: Team went 10-3 with 5 pins

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